Sunday, September 12, 2010


 Well just had the farewell today, what a special day. So many good friends and family came to visit, I couldn't believe that many people came to support me. It was a great meeting, the youth speakers gave such great talks and my dear friend and home teaching companion, Nate Andrus, delivered a great message. He basically announced to the congregation that I've never kissed a girl haha, but i forgive him, love that man!  My days are numbered, only three left, and I still feel like there's so much to do! It's somewhat overwhelming at times, but I'm just doing the best i can to be prepared. This last week was special, i got to visit an old good friend, Jake Bradford and go through the Manti temple with him and my best bud Butch Hatch. Both of our parents were sealed there so it was special to visit those grounds where our families began. Everything is surreal right now, i cant believe the end is so close. Well until the MTC, thanks again for all the support. Love every one of you. Love you family. Time to get to work!
-Elder Ott
p.s. Hoorah for Israel!

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