Monday, May 16, 2011

Week of May 16 from Prenzlau

Well unfortunately this won´t be the longest and most informative email i´ve ever written, you see i´m in Berlin AGAIN for another P-day. It took us a little while to get here so email time is short. So we´re here today to get together with a few other missionaries and we´re going to end up spending the night because we have a Zone Conference here tomorrow. We going to head over to a big lake and play around a bit with some other missionaries.  But yes, not a whole lot new in Prenzlau, but as the title of this email eluded to, we totally got it ballin here in Prenzlau this last week!

So we keep looking for more and more ways to get more involved in the community, and use our talents to change the perspective of the missionaries here. So the other week we printed off a couple flyers and put them up on the streetball court here in town, and well, people actually came. Not quite enough to go full court, but it was enough to get a few good games in and get the heart pumpin. We had one guy who´s been an avid german street baller for years and is just always looking for games, and then this other guy who´s like 6,7 and built like a stinkin TANK! Along with a few other people. But these two guys were way cool, we had a nice little conversation afterwards about why we were here in PRenzlau and exchanged numbers and the whole deal, it was way cool. It´s going to become a weekly thing, so we´re hoping maybe it catches on a little bit more. We also have a sweet connect at the local like community center, and this last week we were invited to play BADMINTON with elderly people!!! Now for those of you who know me deeeply, you know already i have a deep passion and desire for Badminton, so that was way way way cool.

Our two investigators on baptisimal date had rough weeks as well. One who was in the hospital just had an operation, dont know exactly why at the time, but ya, she´s pretty sick. The other has a brain tumor and is having some real health problems, not cool, but we´ll keep working with them as much as we can. It´s hard to finally have two progressing investigators and then to see them struggle like this... but we cant do a whole lot about it right now.  We set an all time high for lessons this week despite of that though, which is way way cool.

In church we had a good meeting. My talk went really well which was good. Our branch has been having some rough times lately, and some of the members have been having a hard time. With the branch president being gone so long and everything, i was really hoping to lift the branch this last Sunday. I was really happy that everything went well, and it was a really solid Sunday.

Well not much else new to report, i gotta go, but i love ya´ll soooo much!!!! Thanks for everything you do for me and the people here!

-Elder Ott

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