Monday, June 27, 2011

Week of June 27 from Prenzlau

Oh my dearly beloved!

Hello again from the little old DDR town we call Prenzlau! We had a great week this week... where to begin?

Well we´ll start from the beginning i suppose. Sewwww after a really nice and relaxing P-day this last P-day we headed out to do our 3 hours of finding from 6 to 9 we have to do every P-day to reach our goal of making out one new appointment with someone new a day.  9 o´clock roles around and after having talked to everyone we saw for 3 hours, stopping bikers, just going crazy, we still hadn't even managed to break into a conversation with someone. So what we decided to do was to take up the ZL´s on there little offer to call them if we haven't picked up that new appointment and have them pray for us, and BAM, 2nd person we talk to we make out an appointment. And on the way home, at just after 9:30 i just felt like we needed to stop another guy with his bike, and BAM made out an appointment with him too. It was a cool evening and a great way to start the week.

The next day, Tuesday, we ran into an AMERICAN living in a tiny town in our area called Paselwalk. Apparently he fought in the war in Iraq, was born in Italy, has lived in Chile, and ya Texas as well. He said he used to be a Mormon as well before certain events that he wasn't able to talk about transpired. He speaks 6 languages fluently and is like the equivalent of the most interesting man in the world. I personally think he´s working for the secret service haha, but we´ll see. He says we´re welcome back to his house whenever, well actually i believe his exact words were "if anything ever goes South, you drop your bikes and run as fast as you can to my place. I always got your back, ya understand what i´m trying to say?" So i´ll take that as an invitation.:) Who´da thunk though, an American living in Paselwalk Germany.

This week has actually been probably the toughest of my mission, healthwise. I´ve just been feeling really sick lately, and i just can't seem to catch up on sleep or energy. It all culminated Friday when i had to wake up at 5am to catch an early train up to Neu Brandenburg for Zone Meeting.  After not being able to even climb into bed til 11 because of being on the phone for so long. I swear, having leadership responsibility on a mission = no time in the evening to rest. But ya, it was a WAY LONG day, and i couldn't get to bed until late that night as well, so i´m still trying to recover. I remember when i got set apart though i was blessed i´d never miss a day of work due to sickness as long as i was obedient, so so far so good.:) President interviews seemed to go well as well. President says the District Presidency is really happy with my work and that they´re asking to keep me around for a while. That´s really nice and all, but it kinda scares me.  I´m already going on 3 transfers here, and 4 would be a fourth of my time in Germany.  That would be a really really hard thing to be called to go through. But we´ll see i suppose.

Our local Basketball league is doing well as well.  It´s slowly starting to grow and spread. My skills just keep coming back to me piece by piece as well. Last game i hit 6 straight 3´s and actually dunked it in a guy's face... ha no idea where it came from, but it´s definitely helping to catch people´s interest. Still nothing like my Bro just TEARING IT UP right now, but still, we´re playing for baptisms.  It´s a different field of play.:)

Sunday also brought a cool experience. We´ve been working with a member and getting her ready to get her patriarchal blessing. She was supposed to get it today, but had an accident and wasn't able to walk without having a lot of pain. She asked me to give her a blessing yesterday, and said when she woke up this morning, all of the pain was suddenly gone and she could walk without any problems. So looks like it´s going to work out with the blessing today after all. It´s awesome to see the Priesthood influence and sustain the Work.:)

Hmm, well the only other experience i can think of, is the other day while i was in Eberswalde on exchanges, my comp and i smelt something really nasty in the stair well. In fact, if i remember correctly, i think i made the comment "it smells like death". Well anywho, long story short, the police knocked on our door the next morning and asked if we were aware our neighbor had been dead for about a week... that was an interesting experience.

Well the work rolls forward here. 3 solid new investigators this week, just gotta hope that the message takes. Also have some good prospective investigators for this next week, so we´ll see how it all works out! Have a wonderful week back home.  Love you all so much!

-Elder Ott

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