Monday, August 29, 2011

Final week in Prenzlau!

Well do i have a story for you people...

So i´ll hit the whole week a bit later, but we are going to talk about Saturday first.:) So, transfer call morning... my comp and i were making our traditional transfer call steak and egg breakfast, when all of the sudden i had one of those super strong feelings like "go put the phone in your pocket NOW" So i went into the other room, it was 9:30, (half an hour before transfer calls) and as i went to pick it up, i noticed it was lighting up and buzzing, i looked at it (apparently we had turned the volume way down) and saw that President was calling. I quickly answered, and my heart rate doubled i bet haha. Anyways, he said "Elder Ott, i just want to say how much i appreciate your fulfilling your assignment in Prenzlau, i´ve been talking with the church leadership in your zone and... they want you to stay there the rest of your mission!" I didnt really know what to say, President is an amazing and personable man, but not much of a jokester haha. He let it seep in for a second and said "take a deep breath elder ott, ACTUALLY i talked with the Stake President in Dresden, they want more baptisms, and i told them i´d send them someone who knows how to baptise, i prayed about it, and it was super clear, i asked again and it was made certain, you are going to Dresden as a Zone Leader"

So yes, there you have it. I AM GOING TO DRESDEN. Haha! I´m going from a city of 15,000 to a city of over 500,000, (twice the size of Kiel) where i´ll be a ZL in one of the biggest zones in the mission. (over 30 missionaries) AND my companion, is none other than the Italien world champion fighter i got to know in Neu Brandenburg already! So basically... i couldnt have asked for more of a dream come true! Ever since i was eight, and i got my book of remembrance as i was baptised, with the Joseph Alma Ott story inside, i have always wanted to go to Germany on my mission, and my dream city has ALWAYS been DRESDEN! Man i am sooooooo stoked. I will totally be able to take a picture at his grave. See the many relics of one of the most cultural city of the world, and, best of all, i get to go to the TEMPLE EVERY TRANSFER in Freiberg. I´m a bit nervous fulfilling the ZL assignment in such a massive zone, and there´s going to be so much to do. But i have a great companion, and i´m 100% ready to DO WORK in Dresden!

So ya, that kind of dominated my thoughts about this week.:) Gave my last talk here in Prenzlau sunday, and it went AWESOME. Said my goodbyes and now i´m just taking in the quiet before the storm starting tomorrow at 12:46 when i step off the train in the amazing Dreseden Hauptbahnhof!

Aside from everything, we had a pretty rough week as far as missionary work goes. Lost some more investigators (poor elder coming here is going to wonder what happened... he´s got a lot of good things and work to do though) but we did however gain one golden new investigator, which makes it all worth it.:) She´s way cool, and a friend of one of our members, so we can teach her with her friend there and there´s just an awesome spirit. There´s no doubt in my mind that she is going to get baptised!!!

Well jeez... i know lots more happened, but my mind is a little occupied with Dresden at the moment.:) It´s good to be on the move again, and try and apply what i learned here in a city and a huge ward at the complete opposite end of the spectrum! Well when i get excited (or come out of oral surgery) i bear testimony, so hear it goes... the church is TOTALLY true!

Love you guys all, and have a great week!

-Elder Ott

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  1. Wow, what an awesome vote of confidence for Elder Ott. He will be a great Zone Leader as he as already been amazing serving where he has in a leadership position.