Monday, September 12, 2011

Week of September 12 from Dresden

Hallo geliebter Familie und Freunde!

First of, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I have a feeling this will be one of the most memorable birthdays of my life! So another elder in the elders program living in our apartment has his birthday the EXACT same day as me, so we´re going to make it memorable for sure. Starting off with the best birthday present i could ever have.... THE TEMPLE. Yep, we´re going on our transfer temple trip down to Freiberg for my birthday, so i´ll get to spend my birthday there, and to be honest, i dont think it gets much better than that! I´m super super excited to do my first German temple session in this historic temple! Afterwards we´ll have a normal day, probably have an insane crepe night and stuff, but ya, i´m excited. I can´t believe i´m going to be 20... that´s like.... old.

Well this week was full of many wonderful miracles. To cut it short, we basically got 2 more people on baptismal date, so we´ve got 3 on date now.:D And so many more with good potential as well! It´s all kind of been like a blur, haha, so i dont really know how or what to tell you all about my week. My comp is super intense, so basically we´ve been leaving the apartment early, sometimes 8am, and not getting home until late, zum Beispiel around 10:30pm haha, so it´s about as intense as you can get i suppose. So forgive me if my mind feels like mush right now. We didnt really have time to take a full p-day last week, and as soon as we´re done with emails today we hitting the street because technically the temple takes a p day away from us, so ya. That, coupled with the constant phone calls of missionaries in the zone, takes a large quanitity of mental energy... but i´m not sure if i´d have it any other way.:)

One awesome thing this week i do remember though, is that i got to head down to Chemnitz on exchanges, and that is a really historic and interesting city in and of itself. I knew it would be an interesting day when i saw the MASSIVE head of Karl Marx sitting right in the middle of the down haha, and the other communist memorial that said, roughly translated, "the individual has two eyes, but the party has many eyes" Haha, that was crazy. It´s interesting to hear all of the stories from the members about the Stasi and stuff here during the DDR. But ya, it was a beautiful city. I was in a trio with two of the missionaries there, and we got a lot of work down and talked to lots and lots and lots of people, which is always good.:)

Hmm.. .what else would you all like to know? I´m really drawing a blank haha. Well the freshest experience in my memory at the moment, was last night at around 10 i talked to this lady on the street and asked her how she would sum up her relationship with Jesus Christ. She said it´s a very personal relationship. So i thought, ´okay here´s some potential´ so when i asked in what way it was personal, she informed me that she was a witch in the 1300´s and was burned at the stake, and since then has been following the same incarnation pattern as jesus, she said they went through the Inquisition together and are close personal friends. Annnnndddd, ya i had the feeling not to ask too many more questions.

For real though, we really do see little miracles every day. Surprisingly, Dresden isnt as easy as i had thought. It still takes lots and lots of work to find new people, especially since we´re trying to work more in the non-ghetto areas, but it´s worth every drop of sweat. I just cant help but always feel that when i look deep into someones eyes on the street, that their soul is of immense worth to our heavenly father, no matter how scarred or torn their souls may appear. I really have a testimony that every soul
really does have great worth in the sight of God, and that it really is His work and glory to immortalize and exhalt them. It´s truly difficult, but it´s something that cant be measured in numbers. I´ve found, the worth of one soul completely blows the scale out of the water. Sometimes it take a bit longer than others, but when i look into the eyes of the people here, i really do sense their divine potential and love for them!

Hope you all have a great week back home! Sorry if i´ve been slow lately at writing people, but understand that time for that is not something in rich supply at the moment. Still love to hear from ya though.:) Love you all so much! Alles alles Gute!

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