Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Kiel- December 21

Moin moin,
Well hello again, i cant believe i´m already sitting back at this computer typing another email, i cant even think about what happened in between haha, everything is just so mushed together here.  We just got back from playing indoor soccer though, we played at a really really nice facility with the other Kiel elders and some of the way cool members. It was really really fun. Trying to learn the German soccer slang is pretty cool too, i usually just reverted back to my old spanish words i learned playing in peru and they all thought it was pretty funny, especially the guy who just got back from the Barcelona mission. Man it was so fun to get out and moving though, it´s weird how much i miss sports now that they´re so few and far betweeen, i just love that feeling of air moving past you´re ears. I was also the clown as it turns out because i wore my Hertha Berlin jersey, haha like one of the worst teams in Germany as it turns out, so ya, it was all good fun though. I actually held my own pretty well though, it was just an all around good time. I´d still like to get my hand on a basketball here though, it´s  still funny seeing the church courts with the euro keys for me.
Well it definetly wont be a good week to have to recover from complete muscle dystrophy however. This week was really really rough as it turns out. We got tchuss´d by a couple investigators and have over TEN fallen out appointments! It´s one thing when someone tells you to come by and they arent there, but it´s another thing when you have a set appointment and time and they have a card with the time on it and your number. I dont like that feeling waiting at the quatchbox hoping it will buzz only to have to turn around and work the streets for another hour after having planned out a lesson and everything. But nah ja what are you going to do? Just find more people i guess. :)  This was kinda supposed to be our ´harvest´ week we thought, which was good because it is incredibly hard to set things up this time of year, but looks like we are going to have to have the faith to change that now. Which isnt a bad thing at all, challenges like that are fun i think.
So our bright spot in the week was our friend JZ coming to the christmas social concert thing. (I dont even know what to call half these things in English anymore) but ya, it was a way good concert and he seemed to enjoy it. One of our really money inverstigators cancelled coming the last minute, so we were excited to see him. Haha he´s a character. While he was younger he was deamed "unfit to live in society" or something like that, so it was fun to take him out.:) He is like taller than me and wheres long leather skirts and a big Ushenka, haha it was funny to see the members reactions as they walked thru the door. They were warm and friendly though, we truly have an awesome Gemeinde!  He made one decently good friend. Haha we´ve been hinting baptism lately, so we asked this friend if and when he´s been baptised, and he was like "Of course! once when i was eight and then when i was 22!" Haha it wasnt good at all. It´s never good to have to explain excommunication to an investigator this early haha. But ya it was a really nice little concert, and it really lifted my spirits anyway. Most of the songs were sung in English oddly enough, which was weird cuz i though like the English songs came from lots of german ones, but it was beautiful none the less and i understood most all of it!:) Everybody speaks english here oddly enough it seems like though...
Had my first zone conference this week too. It was really neat. It was fun to hop on a double decker train and take it down thru the pure white german countryside to Hamburg. Hamburg is a really cool city as well. But got all my christmas stuff... which consisted of one package and a box of german copies of the Book of Mormon.:)  But ya it was really nice. I gave my golden testimony and a bunch of the German elders came up afterwards and told me they were really impressed with my german, which really made me feel good, i needed a confidence booster in that regard. It seems like the more i learn, they deeper holes i find myself getting into. But ya, i still love the language and it´s all good.  We did a big white elephant gift thing too, haha i bought a little pink hello kitty journal with a padlock on it, and the senior couple elder here in Kiel ended up with it haha, it was a good time. I got a lego set. We have Zone conferences every other transfer now, and my zone, the Neumünster zone, is always combined witht the Hamburg zone.  Oh and i got selected to be in the bell choir too, i picked a money bell too, A sharp, haha i had to ring it like once.:) But anyways, it was overall a really fun meeting.
So other mission news, one of my trainers good friends, who is actually my god father as it turns out with his companion just got made AP. It was a big shocker i guess, most people thought our swiss ZL here in Kiel was going, but nope it´s Elder H from Hannover. We talked to him and he said he´s "look out for me,"  whatever that means here.:) But ya i met him at mission conference and he´s way cool, so it´s cool to know an AP already. Both of our AP´s were from Luxenburg, but one just went home. Funny story actually, when i first got here i was riding with them and they were speaking french really fast together, and i was really tired, but i just remembered hearing them and having one of those Elder Calhoun moments. "that´s not the language they tought me in the MTC" haha it was scary. But ya anyway, this mission leadership stuff is weird, really doesnt look like a fun job. I thought people always wanted to be AP, haha but leadership is like the plague out here.
Well not really much else to say from this end, i wish i had more stuff about my week, but like i said we really werent able to teach much and we´ve mostly just been talking to people. We´ve had some harsh rejections, ha but i´d rather not write about them right now. Anywho, hope you all have a merry christmas back home! Dont loose it´s true meaning. The message of the holiday is the best gift you could give. Love ya all!
-Elder Ott

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