Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Kiel December 27

Frohe Weinachten!
     Sooooooo, i´ve been here for a transfer now, wow, it´s Elder B's last transfer and i´m already feeling sad. Weird how time flies, i´m going to work my tail of for him before he leaves, we both set that we can baptise before he leaves the field. Well this is weird writing because i just talked with my family two days ago... but ya i will search for something somewhat informative to convey.
   So this weeks number stunk, good thing it´s not really a numbers game out here because we would have lost last week. But we did have a coulple really cool lessons. We tought a man we found over in the more or less ´slums´ the other day. He seemed to be kind of like your typical Muslim Turken which are everywhere over there, aside from his mustasche, which was absolutely spectacular, anyways haha, turns out he lived in turkey and was almost beaten to death after forsaking the Muslim religion, we saw pictures that where in a news artical and it was bad, but anyway since then he has traveled the whole world searching for a religion, India, Napal, Africa, everywhere but just hasnt found what he´s looking for. He says he´s leaned towards Christianity and that´s why we said we had a free book that testifies of him he was interested. Anyway we had a great lesson, and at the end he told us it all makes sense and he felt something special from us, he said he would have the book thoroughly studied in 10 days and then we could come back, haha so we´ll see, very cool though, he speaks like 6 languages and is very intelligent.
  Oh we also FINALLY contacted E, the young polish lady i contacted my very first day here haha, she answered the door right out of the shower which was really weird, so obviously we didnt go in and teach, but we made a solid return appointment and i´m excited, she is really really sweet and hopefully she´ll have the heart one needs to accept our message.
 Oh ya, so Christmas was this last week actually now that i remember, or Weinachts here in Germany. Here in Germany Christmas Eve is the big holiday and then you have 1st Christmas day and 2nd Christmas day, overall it was a very lovely weekend. Our Gemeinde here is was solid and we were taken in every day.  You know you´re in Germany by the way when you´re eating Brautwurst and Potato Salad with cabbage for Christmas dinner haha.  Overall though i´m just really releaved it´s all over now and am ready to get back to a normal missionary life, until new years that is when we´re commanded to be in our apartments and not go outside. I love the members and doing member lessons and everything, but i´m here to teach people and i would rather be out the on the street, so ya, im glad it´s over.:) It was great to talk to the family too and here those familiar voices, that was by far my favorite present this year, i would have traded everything else i got and more for that. Christmas morning was definitely weird though, waking up with just you and your companion to the sound of fog horns from the harbor and the church bells from all the old churches, and those darn seagulls that chill around our house sometimes. Very beautiful, cold day though.:)
Well sorry to be so short this week, my brain is just full of other things right now, and after we´re done here we get to go teach our Buddhist investigator and set up a date to go to meditation with her haha and for her to come to our church and then we get to go contacting again finally! So i´m a bit anxious to get going. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and know that i love you all. Viel Lieb und Grüß von Kiel, und Alles Gute
-Elder Ott

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