Monday, January 10, 2011

From Kiel January 10

Well.... mensch.... ha i dont even know where to start this week. Ha i really dont. I should get a call home after a week like this.:)  Well anyway, i´ll just cut to the good stuff i guess? Ya, so i was saying how last week we found a place called Mettenhoff where we decided we´d start working more, haha well we officially have "The Mettenhoff Project" up and running.  So anywho, i think we are at round about 250 doors in to it, that´s actually not to much, but man we are seeing success. Haha so anyways, i´m dragging this on, WE HAVE 11 NEW SOLID INVESTIGATORS. Ha 11! it was a weak of miracles for us. We started this week off fasting that we could find people and bam, 11 new investigators. I dont know what other missions are like, but that´s HUGE here. The ZL´s got 5 too which is an amazing week, so anyways, the AP´s were getting all excited and things are looking to be getting really good here really quick. It is truly amazing to me how when we fast and pray in faith, we ALWAYS see little miracles every day.  But anyways, i will go ahead and introduce them for you because they NEED your prayers.
   First comes probably our most exciting bunch, the Famiilie P! Ha man are they cool. We doored into them and their mom said she didnt have too much interest, but that her kids have been thinking a lot about religion lately and are asking questions she has no answer to... $$$... so she invited us over gladly and man this family is the Coolest! They are from Spain, there are 4 kids and then just the mom. I is the oldest, she is 17, and she is honestly looking for the Truth right now.  S is 12, and she is a sweetheart, we also think she has a crush on Elder B,  J is 10 and is way awesome, and R is 9 and is like the coolest 9 year old ever. He translates for us when the girls start talking in Spanish about us and it´s a riot. Theay are a beautiful family, and it is completely obvious how much this Gospel will bless them. They are going to make a change, and they know it. The mom is on board too, so there´s 5. Really really cool.:)
   Next we have Herr K. He is this big old Polish guy who has a penthouse at the very top of one of the Mettenhoff appartments with a sick patio and a way awesome view of the city. He is a big smoker and drink a lot and stuff, but haha he is soooo cool. He was raised Catholic and his whole family are Catholic Priest´s. He ran in to a Catholic priest at a whore house though and well, that was that, he does not approve of the Catholic church at all. But he really finds are story interesting and says he will see if this book is true. It´s funny too, some how we ran into him out and about every day for the next 4 days after teaching him, haha, the last time he saw us in his car and pulled over and said "Mensch, ihr sind immer noch unterwegs!? Habt ihr keine personliche leben!" Haha it was hilarious. "You guys are just always going! Dont you have personal lives!"  He´s way cool. He´s obviously got some problems, but ya, that´s why we´re here.:)
  Then we have K. He´s an arabic guy from Lebanon, he is WAY cool. He has had some HUGE problems lately and said he needs answers and is way glad we called. His German is not very good, but we have a way cool JTE (young single adult auf English?) , haha and he´s from stinking Nazareth! How cool is that! He was born in Nazareth! Anyway, ya so we have a nice Arabic joint teach thing going.:)
  Then we have J and his Saxon friend.  He´s a polish man the sisters gave a BOM too but when they left he kinda fell through the cracks. Haha he is a hoot, he LOVES America and always tries to speak English with us. Haha he calls Elder B Bob and man he´s funny. He said he has read the BOM all through, but we were a bit skeptical, ha but he recited the ENTIRE story to us, like better then i could. His friend is a "Saxon" as he says and has like a 2 foot long Nordic braided beard thing. He loves America too, and is completely fascinated with Indians. Ha and Elder B is one fourth Cherokee, so he´s enthralled with him. He is mostly just intrested in Indian drugs though, him and Jersey think Indians are the smartest people ever. They both are coming to our weekly English class and we´ll be teaching them. They both say they dont need a church, but they are interested. Haha J calls about every day when he´s just plastered drunk and we have the FUNNIEST conversations. Last night he called and said, "ya know Bob, i just have a hard time believing Nephi sailed to amercia" We asked him if he thought God was all powerful and took that whole approach and then Elder B told him he should just ask God himself, to which he said, "you´re a wise man Bob, you are a true Indian, i like you american boys, there´s something special about you, maybe you will convert me" haha it was really cool/funny.
   Then Herr D. Elder B found him on splits with a member, they asked him what his purpose in life was and he hung his head and said that was an answer he´d like to find. We tought him with our Senior missionaries and he related his whole story. His wife of 15 years left him right before the holidays and he said his life has been just a mess. He stopped drinking a few months ago and is trying to do better, but just one blow comes after another. We tought him about Christ and his loving atonement for him, then introduced him to the BOM. It was a special feeling looking in to his eyes and reciting the first vision. He is a pained soul looking for something. He said he´s skeptical about our message, but will pray and look for an answer.
  Finally we have Herr A who we tought last night. Haha man he is cool. He is another Arabic with poor German, but he mixes his poor German with his poor English and we communicate somehow. He straight from Bahgdad Iraq and is way awesome. He has a family of 6 and they are all way cool. He only allows us to talk with him right now, but he his hilarious and way cool. It´s really weir, all the Iraqies here are like the coolest most fun, open people ever. Elder B says it´s like that everywhere here though with them. Anyways, we had to wait for him to finish his evening prayer... awkward... but we had a great conversation about the BOM and our religious views... and Osama Bin Laden... and Sadam Hussein... but come on, he´s from Bahgdad! Anyways, he is way cool and he´s coming to Enlgish now with his kids. He´s not to interested in our church but says he´ll read our book and keep talking with us. Haha he wears like the legit Islam robes and everything, it´s way cool! He was watching soccer with arabic commentators, haha they both had like the checkered head things and everything, it was something else haha. I asked him if he played soccer when he was younger and he said, "no no no, Basketball was always my love, i was a Playmaker! A real Playmaker i tell ya! But my father said Basketball was stupid and he never gave me a chance!" Haha, so instantly we had a lot to talk about. He loved my basketball pictures, he is just awesome.
  Well anyway, there they are, the Lord´s elect. We are so happy to have the chance to help them. But the thing is, that´s not even the coolest thing that happened this week, it get´s better.
  The other day we made out a termin with a black man from Nigeria, ha dodged a few cars and got him.:) Anyways, we made an appointment for Tuesday. Tuesday came and i took a member with me on splits and we hopped on the autobahn and drove about a half an hour Northeast to Eckenförder where he lives. (our area is huge) The drive was gorgeous, the snow is already like all gone, and the countryside is beautiful. And the autobahn is fun.:) Anways.... we got out there and followed the Navi out to the address he gave us. After a few minutes of driving out into the barren woods i was starting to get a little freaked out. It was night time and way dark and creepy... and a full moon... but we came to a old big like mansion house thing. I got out and went up to the door to check the klingel for his name, but i couldnt find a klingel anywhere, i started checking all the doors and could see anything. As i walk back to the car to re check the address two guys came out, one with a lamp, the other with a shovel. They started yelling at us in German and telling us we had better get back in our car and drive away as fast as we could or we´d be in big trouble. Haha my joint teach was 17 and scared out of his mind. Anyways, total gift of tongues moment, i started reasoning with them and explaing we were looking for a Jerry Meyer (Thats what we thought he said his name was) and they said i was lying and that we were out there snooping around last night and they were calling the police. I promised them i wasnt and that they wouldnt see me again and if they did, then they should call the police. Anyways, long story short, it was way cool to speak German in an intense sitution like that. We headed back out and found J´s house outside the woods. We started teaching him a first lesson and he stopped us and said, "you know i´m already baptised in your church" I of course thought to myself "ya right" ha but he pulled out a note from the missionaries who baptised him and everything and it was obivious he was telling the truth! What are the chances!  He said he had just got German citizenship and hasnt been able to find the church out here for 15 years or so, and that "by the power of a perfect God, you found me!" He has and AMMMMAAAZZING story. He was sentenced to death in Nigeria and was on death row for 3 years in prison, where all he did was read the bible and pray. He said God appeared to him in a dream and promised him he would not die, but "live to proclaim My word"  Shortly before his execution a revolt in Nigeria broke out and he was released from his false imprisionment. He sought Asylum here in Germany and found the church in the Asylum house. He was baptised in 1991 but was transferred around so much he lost connection with the church. He came last week and is SO excited and happy to have found "his church" He sings and dances, haha and you should here his prayers! He like yells, it´s awesome! The thing however with him though, is he was baptised under a false name because he was scared to give out his real one, we met with the bishop last week though and he is going to be re baptised, so we´re starting the process with that again. Going through all the lessons and all and hopefully here in a couple weeks we´ll have him ready to be baptised, perfectly, just as he was ment to be. Amazing story. "i was wondering around like a blind man, and YOU found me!" he said. Simply amazing.
  Well anyways, it was a long email this week, but a lot of things happened as you can see haha. I gots to go now, but i hope you all know that God is real and he will bless us when we seek to do his will and follow him in faith. He is always there, waiting for the oppurtunity to bless His children who are ready to be blessed. Love you all, have a great week.
Herzliche Grüße,
Elder Ott
P.S.  Also, new German postage for international mail dropped 1€ at the start of the year!
P.P.S The church is true :)

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