Monday, January 3, 2011

From Kiel January 3

Hallo again from the promised land of Germany.:)  Have i mentioned yet how much i love it here? I think i´ve neglected that the past few letters, but yes, I LOVE IT HERE.
I think a big reason i´m saying that is because is just read that Elder Hatch will be stopping by Frankfurt it sounds like and i´m sad that he has to land here and then leave, pity, he should just stay.:) That´s way cool though, and i´m excited for him.
So as i´ve probably said in the past couple letters, these last couple weeks have been pretty bad. People have been way busy and we cant seem to meet with anyone. Our progressing investigators also all took big steps back this last week and it´s been frustrating. It´s going to be hard this week, but we are going to have to be really really straight up with them, and i hope we wont have to, but we might even have to kinda say goodbye. We´ve really been praying and searching for the best way to improve our program and the answer was absolutely clear, FIND MORE PEOPLE.  We are doing tons tons tons more doors now too at this dorf of Kiel called Mettenhoff, but we call it the promised land.:) It´s basicalls this little town that consists only of HUGE skyscraper apartments. Some about 20 floors. But we really know something special is there. But anyways, what i´m trying to say is that ya it will be hard having to stop meeting with some of our investigators as regularily, but a lot more hard if we hadn´t of been making appointment after appointment the past three days! Holy Cow! I dont know what happened but on Sunday we were just on fire. Very first contact of the entire day was like way solid. Long story short... we have about 15 new people we´re meeting with this week and it has potential to be filled with miracles, we are extremely excited and humbled. We will be having to do lots of splits as it turns out too, so we are going to hopefully be doubling our output, it´s going to be awesome.  Elder B has some goals he wants to reach before he goes, and i won´t fail him.  So ya, thanks family for all the prayers and fasting, something has been going right the past couple days.:)
So we have a new ´ZL in town now that Elder S got transfered to Hannover. His name is Elder P, haha and he´s the ONE elder in our entire mission that doesnt speak any English, haha like Zero. He is like the most in your face like hard working missionary i´ve ever seen. He did a lot of boxing and street fighting before he came here, so that tells you something right there haha. He like yells his prayers and is just like... i dont know... intense. Haha i was honestly a little scared at first, exchanging with him and all, but he´s a total goofball, and i´m not always the most stern person so we´ve forged quite a relationship.:) We were at an eating appointment haha with a way cool member and as i was just talking with her i felt his sock start stroking my leg, i thought for sure it was Elder B so i punched him under the table when she go up to get something, then suddenly i felt it again and it was obvious it was Elder P, haha so i surprised him and snatched his sock and he started fighting to get free and man, i almost had his sock off! Haha it would have been funny. But ya he´s loved me ever since. The other ZL is kind of "above me" or something so he doesnt talk to me much, so it´s cool to have one who i´m buddies with, even with a little language barrier.:)  It helps my german a lot too, ha even though he doesnt speak the best high german, (the swiss speak swiss german and no one can understand it, it´s really like a whole different language) haha so ya he´s learning high german as well. He speaks great though to be honest. So ya, it´s been fun.
Speaking of Speaking in German, i got up in front of our ward for the first time last sunday. Ha that was an adventure. I was trying to think of what kind of joke or something i could use, ha then i just thought "ya i should probably just try to speak german... that would be funny" haha and it was. Overall it went well though. It´s cool to just open your mouth and find words there. It was a neat experience.
We tought the Signs of the Second Coming in our investigator class, all i can say is i´m almost glad our investigators bailed on us ha. We had it all planned out to be nice and simple, but the second somebody raises there hand it just crashes haha. But ya, not a whole lot of people there, it was still a good class though. One of my favorite MTC quotes though came from Elder Ballard "Complexity is of the Devil."  I was listening to MoTab, because that´s what we listen to here, except when we work out, then it´s a little Sons of Provo, haha anyway i really loved this song called `Simple Gifts`  The last verse said " Tis a gift to be Joyful, Tis a gift to be Free, tis a gift tis a gift tis the simple gift to be, and when you find your soul filled with pure delight, the gift to be simple has led you aright" then the corus "learn true simplicity is gained, to bow and to bend we shan´t be ashamed, and when you find yourself in the place just right, the gift to be simple has led you aright"  I really just loved those lyrics, it really is a gift to be simple. :)  It´s one i hope to improve.:)
Well there´s a lot that happened this week, New Years is like a war here in Germany, there´s no such thing as illegal fireworks haha, EVERYTHING goes! and the fire station is right across from our house so we were up till about 4am. Our neighbors were having a party nextdoor as well that was pretty loud. It´s cool though, like everyone is just out on the streets shooting fireworks, the sky is just constantly lit up. Insane. Anyway, ya lot´s of stuff happened this week, but i cant think of a whole lot else. We set up an appointment with a Frau Akon this week and i was way excited.  AKON! We takin over. But it turned out to be a Turkish family, the klingel was just wrong, but ya oh well.:)  Hope you all have a great week! The church is true! Share it!
Herzliche Grüße,
Elder Ott

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