Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14 From Kiel

Transfers are next week, so it might be safer for any mail sent this week to go to the mission home in Berlin. 
Hello Everyone!
Well I´m pretty much officially loosing my mind right now thinking about how fast the time has gone. Tomorrow will officially be my 6 month mark! That´s ridiculous. It seems like just yesterday i was sitting in the MTC scared out of my mind wondering what exactly i had gotten myself into, knowing only that i was doing the right thing, and now i´m sitting here in Germany... 6  months of the best time of my life gone. I dont really know exactly what to think about that, haha so i just wont.;) I was thinking about how much i miss my two wonderful MTC teachers! Brother Wickes and Sister Christopher/(maybe Dias) ;) They were the best. I would be comps with them any day! (that is if Sister C were Elder C, but actually maybe... okay ya know i´m just gonna stop typing haha)
Sewww, anyway, sadly no baptism this last week, due to circumstances, let´s just say, WAY beyond our control. But hopefully everything will work this week... it will be close, but we have to get it done.  
Other than a couple sad set backs, the rest of the week was actually quite productive and awesome.  We have a way solid new investigator from Iran who speaks Persian and was banished for opposing Achmadinijad (no idea) and now he´s here waiting for his pass. Really sad story, lost EVERTHING, but hopefully we can help him. I´m not sure we´d be allowed to baptise him (there´s lots of rules pertaining to middle easterners) but we can at least help him as much as we can. He lives in a tiny dorf about 40 minutes ,with the bus, outside of Kiel. He walks in to Kiel and back home, 2 hours each way, every day just looking for something to bring him help/hope and well, just so happened we were crossing the same bridge the other day.:) His house is way hard to find and we were lost in this dorf for a couple hours haha, but it was well worth it to meet with him. And we got to take a train back! i LUUVVVV trains.
We also had a burger fest at a less active members house this week which was totally awesome. We had a competition between the all the missionaries and i finished out on top eating 8 massive hamburgers!  Wow i felt bad after that. And although i wont go in to all the sad after effects, i will say this, i would fix 10 toilets to experience that same level of pride that i had after that contest.
Placed 2 Russian BOM´s, 2 Turkish, 3 Arabic, 1 Albanian, oh and a German one the past two days. I really love the Auslanders here! I took a little flak on exchanges with the DL this week for picking the "most poor and ghetto" places to work here in Kiel. But truth be told, those are the people who need this message the most, they´re the ones who are ready, and they will be the Pillars of the Church when all of the different races flood to it, so i´ll take the flak for that gladly.  That´s where i want to work.
Well sorry this weeks email is so short, i´m really struggling for words at the moment. This week had a lot of hard things to handle in it, i lost a lot of sleep this week haha. Probably my favorite day though was when my best friend out here, the swiss ZL, saw how tired i was and that i looked really weighed down and took me out on a super Split with him. We ran around the Ghetto and had an amazing time trying to find the elect and i finally started to get more excited and find more joy in the work. After it was all said and done he said, "that was the Elder Ott i know... enjoy the best time of your life out here" and i really realized how much better i need to do at ALWAYS keeping a positive attitude. I cant let anybody or anything stop me from enjoying "die beste Zeit meines Lebens!"
Hope you all had a wonderful week. Love and miss you all so much.
Elder Ott

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