Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7 from Kiel

Hallo everyone!

Well wow, what another great humbling week of missionary service! Filled with miracles ever single day!

Well i have no idea where to start! I guess first with the best news. So... J has been making a big fuss over the Word of Wisdom and it´s been stopping him from getting baptised again. Well haha, the ZL´s thought it wasnt a big problem and that it was taking too long to be baptised so they decided to go over and pay him a visit. Both of our ZL´s are native german speakers and one cant speak english at all, and well, haha J gave it to them and they left with a fight. Sunday though, i sat down and had a really good talk with him, and well, very long story short, he will be getting baptised a week from Sunday.:) Probably my last Sunday in Kiel, so that will be a good way to head out from this city that is SO close to my heart. I already almost tear up when i think about leaving this place, this is sacred ground to me, i have learned more about myself walking these streets and trying to talk to people these past 3-4 months than probably my whole life leading up to this point. I love Kiel!

Well in other news we found another AMAZING investigator this week. She´s a soft spoken amazing young lady from Mongolia! She´s way solid and is comitted to finding out if this church is true or not. It´s actually getting to become easier teaching people with absolutely NO Christian backround. She´s Buddhist, and we´re also teaching a Hindu, so it´s tricky sometimes. Haha one of her reasons she´s not sure if Jesus was really crucified is because she cant believe that a civilization could be so cruel as to crucify someone... hahaha i wanted to slap her and say "Gengis Khan ring a bell?" But ya, we explained that it was a common form of punishment at the time and then just bore testimony, there was a great spirit there and i cant wait to meet her again.

Our other two student investigators are doing wonderful as well. I extended my first 2 baptisimal commitments by myself this week, both didnt take, but both said they´d consider it and have an answer next week. I love teaching the youth here in Kiel at the Uni... i learn sooo much from them.

The B family is also making progress again. Haha Herr B thinks he´s my dad here in Germany, he is just always there. He always just bear hugs me when we come. I had one of those "yep i´m on a mission" moments as he was driving us home one night in his huge work van (which i´m not completely convinced isnt stolen) smoking a cigarette and having us translate Michael Jackson songs into English as he sang. He firmly believes he´s not dead, but ya, haha i didnt feel like getting into that discussion. Last night we were there too and he invited another friend (number 3) to listen too us. He is a HUGE polish guy who has the Bible like memorized. He is like the freaking big henchmen off of Get Smart, haha he loves us though and is a Solid new investigator. I just wish i could use my bible better in German! It´s hard to because he uses the Luther Bible (the best as far as i´m, and Joseph Smith, concerned is) And all i have is the stupid Einheitz├╝bersetzung.  But ya, it´s great.

Also the Mettenhof project is officially back on line. We got in to some money outlander housing and made out like 8 appointments is 1 hour... amazing. 3 Russian, 1 turkish, 1 Albanian, and 3 Arabics. The Albanish family looks to be way solid. But ya, we´re meeting with a lot of way cool people this week so hopefully everything pans out! Meeting with a WAY legit student from Bangledish tomorrow too who´s way cool. Man i hate meeting with people when you dont have the BOM in their mother language... crazy how often we manage to do that haha. But ya, have a wonderful week back home! Miss and love you all dearly!

Elder Ott

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