Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28 from Kiel

Hallo everyone wie gehts wie stehts?
Had another fun and eventful week here in the good ole 24118. We found, we tought, we worked hard and it´s paying off.
So first off, we were supposed to have a baptism this week... however after having talked with Salt Lake, it looks like we´re going to have to push the baptism back a couple months due to circumstances beyond our control. So ya, i probably wont get to see Sarah get baptised, but as long as it happens i dont really care. Ya it´d be nice to see, but all that matters is that it happens. J is close to being baptised as well... just gotta get him to give up his wine darn it. I hate alcohol and cigarettes. EVERYONE has a problem with one or the other here it seems like... but ya, it´ll happen.
In other news, my workshop at Zone Conference, haha, man it was rough. I got to give it twice to both halves of the Conference, and the first one didnt go how i had hoped at all. The second one though ended up going really really well, and that´s the one president was at haha so it helped the first attempt not sting as much.  Now that i´m thinking about it, i dont think i wrote about my having to do a 40 minute workshop at our Multi ZoCo last week. But now ya know. The ZL´s had me give a workshop on "Starting Right" because they said they´ve been impressed watching me start my mission. I suppose that should have been flattering, haha but it just made me a nervous wreck leading up to the conference. It was a really cool oppurtunity though to get to do something like that not even half way through your 3rd transfer, but hopefully i dont ever have to do it again.:)
So another cool story, we have a way way solid new Investigator named Josef. Found him as we were walking to an eating appointment while he was walking his dog. We decided we´d walk around the block once and see if we could talk to some people because we were a couple minutes early and when i saw him i ran across the street and bam, way awesome guy, way way solid. 21 years old too. I love working with the college kids here because with the large number of LDS students at the college here and the Youth Outreach center and all, it all works together very smoothly.
So we met with the B family again this week because the husband ran into us while we were doing some work out in the Ghetto´s here and he saw us standing at a bus stop haha. Way solid appointment though and they are getting back on track. We also had a couple of the P kids at church and that was cool. The kids dont like church at all because they say it´s super boring, but i try to make it somewhat fun. They just need to understand it´s not just always a party and not everything has got to be a rush of fun. So we´re focusing a lot on the Sacrament and Baptism now, and these next couple appointments will really be critical.
Other than that, cant think of a whole lot else. Had a pretty crazy experience with on a joint teach this week where the investigator said some pretty perverted things and tried to get up on me, it was way weird. She calls and stuff now too, asking us if we can make some guy who owes her money pay up and stuff... pretty messy situation. But we´re doint everything carefully with her and hopefully she starts showing interest in the right things.
Well have an awesome week everyone back home. To bad Morgan had to be at the State Tournament again, but good year boys! Love ya all so much and thanks for everything ya do!
Herzliche Grüße,
Elder Ott

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