Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14 from Kiel

Moin moin liebe Familie und Freunde,
Man, ha, so pretty much i´m just going to cut to the chase... you do NOT realize everything that a trainer does until he is gone. This week has been probably one of the most stressful, hard weeks of my life. It´s like i just reached a new high in almost every one of my emotional levels. But nevertheless, despite my complete inadequacy, we fulfilled our purpose this week i would see, so you just have to keep moving on and try to keep fulfilling it better.
So monday i said goodbye to Elder B and sent him off on his train to Berlin, and man, that was actually a lot harder than i thought it would be. I kept myself together though haha. But then Elder P and i headed back to the ZL´s apartment and i got to be ZL for a morning haha. It was way cool actually though, we had a way awesome long conversation and it i really learned a lot from him, and about perspective on a mission, it was actually really fun. It was really cool to have a way awesome comp study and stuff too in German with someone who cant speak any English at all. But ya, it was a way cool little morning, haha and it was just preparing me for what was coming next.  
So we picked up the new ZL, he is a way cool missionary from Austria.  He is way solid and he´s gonna rock it here with Elder P here in Kiel. Then next we got Elder H, haha and he wasnt quite what i expected at all. He´s a big guy from Mission Viejo California.  He´s an artist and he´s actually way good, really quiet guy, but really cool too. He´s been on his mission for 10 months now, so he´s a lot older than i thought, but at the same time he´s a lot younger than i though too. It´s really really really hard being a junior comp and training a young senior comp into a new city. Finding your way around, which i´ve actually done good at, but just taking all the phone calls and making all the appointments and trying to adjust to a new teaching style with somebody who is also struggling to learn the language like you are. Man, it´s hard. We´ve have barely clawed our way through so many lessons this week, but a lot of that i think is because we have had some VERY difficult lessons haha. But the spirit is still there, and like i said, we´ve brought people closer to Christ this week i feel like. So ya, that´s what´s been kinda messing with my mind lately, just trying to get everything under control here in Kiel and make the adjusment. I haven´t been able to sleep at night it´s been weighing on me so hard, haha, and our investigator are all saying i look like i´ve aged a couple years, but things have been going a bit better lately, so i cant complain.
Speaking of these tough lessons though, we have 4 new investigators this week. 2 of which are ex members we somehow found and we have them coming back to church and stuff which is cool. We also have a baptismal date cleared with one and it´s been really sweet to see her come back. The other two are two way cool muslim guys. One is from Shri Lanka and says he´s willing to make the search to find out if the BOM is true, he´s way cool and we have a cool joint teach lined up with him, so we´re excited. The other is just finishing up his Phd in Geo science something, and he really just wants to learn more about our religion and teach us about his. It´s cool, we meet in like a massive lecture hall at the university, and i really learned a TON from him, but i dont know how much he learned from us while we tried to answer his really really complex questions in terrible german haha. But we are meeting again, and we are just tying everything back into whether the BOM is true or not. He gave me a way nice leather bound german Koran though haha, it´s way sick. But ya, we´ll see with him.
Our other investigators are kinda struggling. The P familie didnt like church at all and said they havent been getting answers to their prayers, and the B familie is having some family problems. And both of the families dont seem to really like Elder H too much yet. But we are still meeting this week and we got a few good joint teaches for them, so i really really i´m praying it turns around.
Well anyway, it was another really hard week, but one with success.:) Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers! Love you all the mostest!
-Elder Ott

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