Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 21 from Kiel

Liebe Freunde,
Well another week has come and gone, and although it seemed like a long cold one, i appreciated it though because i really feel like i made a big change in myself.  We had 7 appointments that were pretty solid fall out, we lost quite a few invesitgators, and we werent finding many solid new people, but something in me just kept wanting to go and go. It was the weirdest thing. It was just like getting in "the zone" and i just kept going.  The transition from golden to junior comp has been one of the hardest most frustrating things i´ve ever had to do. My new comp is very "hands off" you could say, so i definitely share a lot more of the load of responsibility. But i really feel like i´m starting to catch my stride now. The language comes when i need it, my minds clear when i need it, and i dont know, it´s just a weird phenomenon... no idea how to spell that word.
Well anyways, i´ll start off with how things have progressed last week. Bishop just barely annuled J´s membership record out of the blue, so although he told him he´s a member and welcome to the ward, haha well now it´s as if he was never baptized. So even though J was not happy at all when he heard what happened, he´s letting us teach him again. Which has actually unearthed a few brand new problems we didnt know about, with the word of wisdom. So it´s going to actually take a while now, but hopefully we´ll see him re-baptized soon. I just wanted to re-baptize him in the first place, but when we talked to pres he just said to get the record and change it, because we baptize people not names. Now my personal opinion was ya that´s true, but in the temple everything has to be done perfect right? Well anyways, you could argue over it forever, and i wouldn´t ever argue with president, so we left it at that. but apparently now we just going to do it again anyways haha.:)
The member who asked for her name to be removed is also making lots of progress and we hoping to get her baptized on March 6th. There´s just a few minor details with paperwork and stuff that need to be taken care of, but hopefully we can get her in the font then.  She is absolutely eating it up though, working through all the lesson pamphlets, flying through the BOM, really cool to see. I also got to annoint her for a sick blessing in German, which was a really special experience.
Yesterday we had 4 investigators at church too. One of them, Jerzy, completely surprised us by coming and it was a really good meeting. Dont know what will come of it, we have to visit him again, but hopefully it will make him think. Haha he still calls us drunk all the time though, i love it... not that he´s drunk... just that he calls us and is hilarious.
We also met with the PhD muslim man again in the University lecture hall again, and that was interesting. It´s becoming more of a theological debate now, so we´ll probably have to stop going. But hey, i got a really really nice Koran out of the whole ordeal, so that was cool.
Other than that, most all of our appointments fell out. The P family doesnt want to come to church again, so we´re hoping they have a change of heart somehow. The past two times we were there, they hadnt read or prayed, so this next one is kinda a do or die appointment. I really hope something gives.. it´s going to break my heart to have to say goodbye. And oh, ha, ya the B family, well we met with them twice, and the first time it went pretty good actually. They invited a friend whose mother was very sick, and he had lots of good questions. His mother ended up dying the next day actually, it is a devestatingly sad story. He needs a lot of time he says, so we havent been able to meet with him, but hopefully our message will help him somehow. The next time we went over though... not good at all. Turns out the mother did lots of stuff in the circus they traveled in with tarot cards and wigi boards and stuff... not good stuff at all. She was telling some stories and it was obvious we needed to leave. We´re still scrambling to decide what to do. The husband was gone all last week dealing with some family problems... but hopefully when he´s back, it will all go better. So ya, it´s looking like the end could be near with our too favorite families... i really really hope it isnt.
Other than that though, all is well here. Just got done playing squash and pulled like every muscle in my leg it feels like. Haha always fun though. Europeans are stinking good at squash, i got my butt kicked pretty hard. But ya, hopefully we find some solid new people this week. I really hope we can. Time to refresh the teaching pool. Have a great week back home, love and miss you all
-elder ott

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