Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18 from Prenzlau

Ahhhhh, i´m in Berlin AGAIN!

Well I LOVE Berlin. This will probably be my last trip here for another couple months... but i hope not! The only hard part is getting back off the train in Prenzlau. I call it PBDS, post berlin depression syndrome. Haha, but you get back into the work really quick.

So my email will have to be REALLY short this week. WE have like 0 time. We´re meeting our Branch President (aka The Senator) outside Hauptbahnof here shortly to head over through securtiy and in to our private tour of the Capitol Building!!! Soooo excited. I am totally sitting in Angelina Merkels chair.:)

Sewww, this week was a really really hard and long one. We had sooo much trouble making out appointments this week, success was so few and far between. But we did however find this one man. My comp and I were walking by this big apartment-like complex, and even though we knew it had been doored out a couple dozen times, i had a really really strong impression to door it again. My comp absolutely hates doors with a passion, which is hard because that´s kinda how you have to talk to people here, the streets arent exactly bustling ya know? But i said, "hey, ya think we should do some doors here" and he was like "ya, i have a way good feeling about this place actually" and i was like "me too" so we did it. Now a man there did tell us on the first set of doors that we were annoying the city of Prenzlau, and how we were crazy, and how we should leave and stop annoying people, and about how it was a sign from above that we should leave because nobody listens to us... but i´m sadly used to hearing that now. So anyways, we pressed on and of course, last house, like 3rd to last of the 60 or 80 doors we did, the man let us in and we had a walk in right there. Now he´s not the most golden person, he´s met with the missionaries quite a bit (but most of the people who we find who are willing to listen to us, missionaries before us have already found and taught and dropped, so that´s not un-normal) but we think that there´s a reason we found him, and we are excited. That was kinda my cool story for the week.

Saturday i had to go up to Neu Brandenburg for the leadership training meeting of our district... but it turned out being a lot cooler than i had thought.  We were surprised to meet an Area 70 from Italy there, and our very own mission president, that was a surprise. Haha, also president put us in charge of translating the meeting into English for the Seventy and Sister Pimentel. Usually that would fall upon the Senior Comp, but i had a lot more translating experience, so my comp was trying to get me to translate, which i´m not going to lie, i would have been really really really stoked to do.  I had been translating every other week in church for a good amount of time in Kiel. But in the end it was just another one of those impressions, your comp should do it. Haha, so basically i made him do it and although it meant the world to him and he actually did a great job. Afterwards as we were joking around about it, he thanked me for making him do that, and said he needed that. And hearing that was actually cooler to me than having the privilege to translate for a seventy. That sounds a bit clíche as a look at that, but it was true.  That meeting actually, and the conference as a whole, was big for me. I got to know our branch president a LOT better, overcome my fear of him a bit haha, and i really love him now. He´s so cool. Stills scares me a bit sometimes, but he´s really awesome.

Well i gotta start runnin, so that´s about it this week. We are gonna have to work harder this week and step it up even more... the program didnt move forward enough this week. I´m tired sometimes, and it´s hard to keep going, but hopefully we start picking up some momentum this week!

Love you all so much, and have a great week!

-Elder Ott

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