Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week of January 14 from Berlin

Well another "travel week" has finally come to a close, and it was really good. Monday was a long day getting everything tied down around the office and then it all started here in Berlin on Tuesday. This week it was leadership training, so it was for all ZL´s, DL´s, and Trainers. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and get to experience so many different workshops from so many different and dynamic leaders for an entire week! Ya it was kinda different giving our workshop over and over again and hearing president´s and his wife´s over and over again, but it´s great how when you´re really set and intent on learning you can just take something new away from it every time. In our workshop we talked about the importance of becoming a "Preach My Gospel Mission." We talked about the principle of fire and how quickly forest fires can spread, and how we want a new emphasis on Preach My Gospel to spread through the mission like a spiritual forest fire, and how the fire sparks with leaders. Overall I think it went alright. We did a few role plays on how to answer questions while on exchanges with emphasis on Preach My Gospel and reviewed clips and things from apostles to shed light on all of the blessings that come from it´s correct application. So hopefully it takes. The coolest thing though was to see how after prayerfully emphasising what you felt needed to be emphasised, to see lots of other leaders make similar points and convey similar feelings. I walked away from our meeting yesterday in Dresden just thinking "Man, it´s like we´re all praying to the same source or something." It was really cool.

So ya, Tuesday was Berlin and Neubrandenburg Zones in Berlin, Wednesday was Hannover and Oldenburg in Hannover, Thursday was Hamburg and Neum√ľnster in Hamburg, and we ended yesterday with Dresden and Leipzig in Dresden. It´s weird starting to have these routes become familiar to you after driving them so much... but I do love being on these roadtrips and getting to converse with your companion as well as President and his wife. My favorite trip was definitely Dresden though. I have so many good friends down there in Saxony and those 2 zones, and getting to spend good time with them there while being in DRESDEN at the same time was just a dream.:) It was also the last meeting, so afterwards it´s just kind of a collective sigh, plus everything runs smoothly because it´s all so polished.

Well aside from that, I can't think of anything too extra ordinary happening this week. So I guess I´m just going to have to leave it a little bit shorter this week. I´ll try and make up for it next time.:) Hope you all had a wonderful week. Love to hear from ya!

PS I attatched a picture of a Zone Leader Council... but that´s usually what leadership trainings look like.:) If you´re ever curious you can always check to see what´s up in the mission.

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