Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week of January 21 from Berlin

Hello, schöne Grüße aus Berlin!

Well it was definitely a good week back here in good old Berlin. Glad to have some time to devote more to our area this week. We had an AMAZING week of missionary work here in the area though, found 3 awesome new investigators (FINALLLYYYY!!!) and just got a lot of work done that needed to get done.

The beginning of the week was pretty normal as far as beginnings go. Collect all the numbers from the zone leaders in the morning, prep reports for staff meeting, have staff meeting, office lunch, and then our meeting with president, followed by following up on the dozens of assignments that seem to pop up after all the meetings. So ya, lots to do in the office, but we got out a lot and got some solid finding and teaching done as well. Wednesday we had our district meeting, and then I finally got to go on my first exchange since being here in the office. It was so great! Our district leader happens to be a good mission friend who was in my district as a junior companion in Prenzlau. It was totally weird because we had exchanged before, but that was like literally 10 months ago haha. It was weird that that long ago we would freak out to come down to Berlin for P-day and eat at this Döner place in Neukölln, and now he´s literally serving in that area as my district leader and we´re going on exchanges together again. It´s always was cool to see those blasts from the past. In a couple weeks I´ll be getting to go on exchange with the Berlin ZL´s, one of which is also a good friend from that Prenzlau district, and the other comes from St. George who I know. So ya. I LOVE EXCHANGES, but really not because they´re sometimes missionaries I know, but really because you can learn SO much and it´s just so healthy. So ya, I´m super excited to get exchanges going back in the office again.:)
So ya, Wednesday we met with a new guy. He´s a way cool guy from Egypt, and a pretty strict Muslim. I´ve loved getting to know Islam more on my mission and meeting with Muslims, but it is still hard to teach them sometimes. Usually it just turns into them trying to teach you about the Qur´an and ya, it´s just a mess. But he was very open and willing to listen. He´s going through a pretty rough time right now, but knows faith can help him. The cool part is that his family, who aren't religious, are going to be there next time and he wants us to teach all of them, so we´re excited for that. That night we went down to an unexplored part of our area on a big lake called Wansee, and found some saweet neighborhoods to do doors. They were just like millionaires every! Biggest houses I´ve ever seen in Germany. Some of them had doorbells for their boat houses out back. Everyone needs the gospel though, and it was just a really enjoyable evening of work. It was just a great exchange!

The next day my companion and I hooked back up and we went and taught another really cool new guy we just found. He´s native German, but just got back from living in Rwanda for 10 years with his wife he found there. He´s super cool as well, and super open, so we´re excited to continue teaching him.

Friday, or yesterday, was probably the coolest day though. In the morning we had a conference call with all of the zone leaders in the mission and spent a little over two hours discussing things and taught a little lesson. Big news though was an announcement that is kinda going to rock my world in a couple weeks. One of the members of the 1st qourom of the Seventy, a gentlemen from Portugal by the name of Jose Texeira is coming to visit the Zone Leader Council in our mission. He´s a pretty notorious figure here in Germany, known for pushing baptising pretty hard and not hestitating to grab you by the lapels a bit and singe your eyebrows. So we going to have to prepare a bit to host a general authority. I´m trying not to worry about it to much, haha, it´s just that it´s going to be weird trying to facilitate our numbers discussion with him sitting in the room observing, but I´m hoping everything goes alright. But ya, anyways, we also had the COOLEST appointment with a new investigator, who lives in this millionaire neighborhood I just talked about.:) She met the missionaries (one of whom comes from Texas and is from the home ward of my best friend while I was living in Japan) and now we´re teaching her. She lives in this insane huge modern house designed by her husband who´s a famous architect. It´s just full of modern furniture and art and is just SO COOL. Looking out the window you could see their glass garage with a new Mercedes S Class sitting in it, it was pretty cool. But, all that being said, the coolest part was just who she is. She´s from Russia and is a professional pianist and like model, but her main focus right now is raising a strong family. She is SOOOO COOLL. Maybe one of the coolest people I've met on the mission. She is just so inteligent, and open, and just eating everything up! It was just one of those appointments where she says something brilliant and then you look at your companion and just think "Is this for real?" So ya, I don't want to hype it up any more so we dont jinx ourselves, but seriously, she is solid.

To top everything off, we met with our baptisimal canidate yesterday with our ward mission leader. The baptism is all planned and ready to go for next Saturday. This last week has been another hard one. She had a violent fall down her kitchen stairs and her daughter had some serious problems, and it has just been kinda another crazy week. But she´s finally come to the conclusion "The devils trying to get me, but I´ll show him!" It´s pretty awesome to see how she´s become a more positive, laugh in the face of trial, kinda of person. So good for her! The whole mission will pray for her daily next week and hopefully it will help her before her baptism.:) It´s been such a blessing to find such good people in all of my cities on the mission who have taught me so much. Today, a Chinese student my companion and I found and taught while I was in Dresden is getting baptised, so it´s a special day today as well! I won't be able to travel down there, but it´s just been great to see how in every city there´s been someone ready to be baptised. Take that Euro-German mission stereotypes!!!

Well today will be a great day. Gonna go bowling for my first time in almost 2 years, so we´ll see how I fare. Other than that I´ll just have to tidy up a few things and get ready for another week on the road. Gonna be teaching a 30 minute lesson 8 times next week , so it´s going to take some mental strength haha. Hope you all have a wonderful week back home, love you all so much!

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