Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week of March 10 from Berlin

Another week come and gone, we were kept pretty busy this week which was really good, and now we´re done with the traveling for the transfer so we have time to build our own area up a little more this next week before everything gets hectic again.
So Tuesday we had our Zone Conference for the Berlin and Neubrandenburg zones, which was a little bit different than normal because there was a 4 day space between our last zone conference, so it´s kinda weird taking a break like that then getting back into the thick of things and teaching the same workshops again, but it went really well. I have a lot of good friends in the Berlin zone, so it was good to be around them again and hear about the success they´ve been seeing. I really have gained a new perspective for the whole point of meetings in the church here. Back home it´s just kinda taken for granted that members are everywhere and we always associate with each other. But out here in the mission field where you´re such a minority, it means everything to you to really gather together with fellow saints and build each other up. I remember being in Prenzlau and feeling just so isolated, and then just to see the massive number of people at general conference on the tv just made me swell up when I realized, "Hey, there are actually more of us on this planet." So ya, it´s fun to get to witness all the missionaries greet each other and be with them all for a day.

That night my companion and I left alone to go over to Hannover. The van was needed for new senior couples who were flying in (we have a new awesome office couple) so we had to take separate cars to the conference. It was fun cruisin' up the autobahn and getting to spend some quality time talking with my awesome companion. We stayed with the Hannover elders and zone leaders.  It was fun because both the ZL´s are good friends and one of the elders is actually my last companion, so we enjoyed our time together. The next morning we got up and got to run through the city and see it a bit.  I´m getting almost addicted to running these days.  We run about a 5k every morning now.  It just makes you feel soooo much better for the rest of the day. I even bought a european running suit that was on clearance at a sport store last p-day.  It´s amazing.  The full body tights are the new thing- America will catch on some day. :)

The conference went well, and then we headed back to Berlin and got home late that night. The next day we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders in Berlin. I went with a good friend on what was probably our last exchange together. We´ve been in the same zone in the mission for 6 transfers now and  we´ve had a good amount of tausches, so it was good to end with him. We met with a way cool investigator who accepted a baptisimal date.  We met with a way cool investigator with a member and had one of the most spiritual lessons ever, then with our new convert who made a nice meal for us. Then we tried to catch up on some office work for a half hour, during which time 3 teenage girls came walking into the office and said they had researched our church and wanted to know more, so we taught them from the office and have another appointment with them today.  Then another cool member fed us and gave us DDR coins from the 50´s as well as a coin from 1917, and ya, it was a really good exchange.  I learned lots. :)

Yesterday we got caught up on a lot of office work and met with a couple investigators, and ya, the day flew by. This morning we went on a nice long run, and we´re headed out to a way cool european history museum today, so it should be a good time.

Not a lot else new. President is finally getting back from a training meeting in Frankfurt with Elder Christopherson, and next week it´s time to come together again for transfers. Should be a fun revelatory week, as it always is.:) Love you all a bunch and hope you have a good week!

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