Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week of March 17 from Berlin

Transfer week is finally over.  We just had the transfer call a little over an hour ago and the past hour has been spent taking endless amounts of phone calls for permission to call people, but maybe I´ll be able to slip a quick email in here.:)

Well most of the week was spent on my knees this week together with President and my companion trying to figure out what should happen here in the mission for transfers, and when you´re praying for all 210 missionaries individually that takes a little while. But we studied everything out in our minds, felt the burning confirmation, and finished up a transfer. We have lots of new goldens coming in to the mission, and we have lots of great trainers who are good friends, so it will be fun to train them and pick up all of the goldens for my last time here in the office.

We did have a few other things going on in the week as well. Lately we have been taking a bit different of a focus in our own area. Most of our finding has consisted of doing street contacting since we´re in the booming metropolis of Berlin, but we just haven´t seen the growth we´ve wanted, so we´re moving the emphasis a bit more over to doors, specifically student housing here in the Berlin area, and lately it´s been paying off big time. Lots of new appointments and lots of new people to meet with, so now we just need to sift through them to find the ones who are going to make progress. We also met with most of our investigators this week, and worked on having more members with us at lessons, but sadly not a lot of progress was made in our teaching pool this week.

Last week for P-day we went to the pergamon exhibit here in Berlin which was pretty cool.  Lots of old art and stuff. In a couple of hours a good old friend is coming down to spend this p-day with us from Prenzlau. I served in the branch presidency with him up there, so it will be fun to see him again and reflect back on good times.

Well not much else new to report this week, just more of the same. The quiet that comes before the storm of the first week of the transfer. This transfer will be my last one in the office, so I´m pretty excited to end my time here in the right way. Hope you all have a wonderful week back home, love you all!

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