Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 2

Guten Tage meine Familie!
Cant believe another week has passed here.  It's the weirdest things, the days are like an eternity but the weeks fly by.  Got the second new batch of missionaries in this week, and so our confidence grows... Last week i think i forgot to mention my friend James Millward got here, and i see him every time we eat which is totally rad.  But anyways, cant wait for Butch and D-rock (Drock being the only one of my guy friends to write me) to get here in November.  Which reminds me, i fly out on the 16th November supposidely.  We'll get our flight plans a week or so before we leave. 
But on this subject of writing... ahem... and you can put this on facebook or wherever... PEOPLE, IT'S SUNDAY, WRITE A MISSIONARY!!! Especially fast sunday. Here in the MTC we have the "mail fast" which begins every Saturday and may i just say, monday's and tuesday's are kinda a big deal around here. Haha missionary's get so into the whole mail thing.  But i offer that word of advice because i dont think people realize how much missionaries look forward to mail, and when you have to hand everyone mail but a couple elders it's really quite sad. Now being selfish for a moment i would like to chastise a person or two in regards to my mail... eh let's not beat around the bush. TYLER!!! WHAT'S UP BUDDY!? I know you arent too cool yet to write your brother.:) Maybe when you sign with the Y i would admit you're that cool, but until then i dont see any reason why you shouldn't be writing. Step it up brotha. Now there's a few other key names i wont mention now, but be assured they're on a list. I will not ever forget you people who promised to write, so know that you're burned into my mind. But thanks all ya'll who do write.:) And send some pictures! I would love some pictures!
Well from a news stand point, not much has happened besides the mind boggling hours of study time and vast stores of knowledge we take in every week. Elder Walker and his companion are the new Zone Leaders, haha 10 days in to their missions! That was cool, they're both awesome. And with Elder Walker gone now they made me the new district leader. Now this might surprise some of you, but in all honesty haha i soooo did not want to have a leadership position right now. I guess i was selfish and just wanted to focus on me and my companionships progression so the Lord saw fit make me have to focus more on others. That's the only logical explanation i can think of, because for one of the first times in my life i really didnt feel like i wanted a leadership role. But nevertheless, i'm going to work my tail off and do the best i can to develop this amazing district. We really are amazing in my mind. And in the branch presidents mind too apparently haha. But really tho, i love the heck out of these guys and we are seriously like a family.
(FYI the DL has to get all the mail, so that's what i mean when i say it stinks having none to give elders after the mail fast)
German is amazing. I can qoute the first vision and my purpose all auf Deustch. Not to mention read the scriptures and understand the main idea of verses, all i have to do is have my scriptures there as a crutch sometimes. But really, the gift of tongues is totally at the MTC. Our language task at the TRC this week is to pick up an investigator on our way to church on a bus, and have a conversation with them for like 9 mins i think. So sometimes we practice walking around the MTC like we're in a bus talking to each other. And it's amazing how good of a conversation we can hold now. I LOVE DEUSTCH, it is so great!
My companionship is amazing. After making it over that week hump where it seems like everything gets on you nerves, things are AMAZING. I love this guys. Me and Elder BAker sing constantly in the showers and do yoga together every day. And then me and Elder Van M find ways to have fun with Elder Baker, (appropriately of course). But they really are awesome guys and we bring so many differences together to do great things teaching. We get extremely high marks form our TE and TRC investigators, but it's really because we are so receptive to the Spirit. And that's the secret, we may seem so different, but when everyone teaches by the spirit we will ALWAYS accomplish our purpose, and whoever we are teaching WILL come closer to Christ. One of my favorite things to do when teaching is when i get to recite the First Vision to the investigator and watch their eyes and see the Spirit touch their heart. Me and Elder Baker switch off who does it because we bothc like it so much. The TRC is a special place, we just found out that one of the volunteers just got baptised because of a lesson there, i guess they usually slip non members in. That'd be cool to get your first baptism in the MTC.
Well times up, but i want you all to know that i know now as assuredly as ever the Christ lives. That by him, thru him, and of him we are saved. God is a literal father in heaven and gives us everything we have. I know that this work is the work spoken of in Daniel 2, the stone cut out of the mountatin, and although it may seem small, just like it says in D&C 1, the weak things of the world will overcome the seemingly big. The stone is larger than ever, but it WILL get bigger. LOVE YA BUNCHES

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