Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 3

Hola Familie!
Well we officially have 40 days and 40 nights left in the MTC!  Whoop whoop.  I can/cant believe it's been 3 weeks, it's a weird feeling.  Well let's see, what to update on...
The oldest district left for Germany last monday, which was really cool. However Elder Gygi, the one i met doing work in the temple, wasnt able to go. Something about false accusations back home, idk, all i know is he has to stay here till they're all cleared up, and guess who has an extra bed? Ya me, so i get to room with him.:) I know i'd get to know him better. 
A couple hilarious things happened this week, i'll begin with my favorite.:) So it's no secret that the cafeteria food here does amazing things to ones body. Like seriously, if you could harness the methane we'd have something here. Well it's an unspoken rule that if you have to you know what while in class you go stand in the doorway... well Elder Baker's biggest pet peeve and greatest emphasis is politeness. But unfortunately Elder Baker isnt immune from the effects of the food, so during MDT he quietly stoood up and moved to the doorway, haha, i think i was the only one who saw, and then he letter rip. Haha well immediately after we heard a "NOT COOL ELDER" from the doorway, haha apparently someone was sitting right outside the doorway waiting for there companion in the bath room and Elder Baker fufued right on him! haha oh he was so embarassed, but we had a good laugh.  Also, well this one is more sad, but somewhat awesome... yesterday playing volleyball (which we do for like an hour every day haha) i totally spiked a ball that bounced off an elders face and broke anothers glasses. It was incredible, i felt really bad tho. Haha but a sister blocked one of my spikes a bit later so of course the humble pie had to be served.
We've been having such a good time here and learning so much. We got some new missionaries yesterday in our zone which is exciting! Whenever someone comes or goes in the German zone we sing the coooooolllllleeessst german hymn. 'Lobe den Herrn" aka "Praise to the Lord" You may recognize because they TOTALLY sang it in Music and the Spoken Word Sunday before conference! That was the coolest thing ever! Also, Come Thou Fount is totally in the German Hymnbook and AMAZING! I LOVE SINGING HERE, it's really weird. We had a devotional all on music last Sunday, it was so cool, the MTC presidency sang a little trio for us and it was cool, and Elders from the audience got pick their favorite hymns for everyone to sing, it was sweet.  We closed with How Firm a FOundation and i was EXTREMELY impressed by the last verse. "The soul who on Jesus hath leaned for repose, I WILL not, I CANNOT, desert to his foes, that soul who all hell should endeavor to shake, i'll never, no never, NO NEVER forsake!" What an anthem, i absolutely loved that. Which brings me to a still sore topic amongst our companionship, the Priesthood Choir in conference. Haha Elder Baker literally openely wept next to me as they sang. We missed getting here in time to sign up by a few days. But they did amazing, and although i would have gladly auditioned to go and would have loved to have, they did amazing and it was so uplifting and cool to see all those familiar faces. Anyways, ive recorded us singing Lobe den Herrn and will haveto send it to you sometime. We cant hook anything up to these computers so vieliecht first thing when i get to germany.
Conference overall was amazing. I loved loved loved all of President Uchtdorfs talks, at this point i am COMPLETELY partial and biased towards him.:) And president Monson was on one in Priesthood, haha i bet dad loved that.;) I really liked it tho. Other notable ones i learned heaps from were Elder Holland's talk on gratitude (love you soooooo much for everything mom and dad), Elder eyrings talk on the companionship with the H.G, elder Christophersons talk on living a consecrated life, and David Mckonkie's on being a good teacher. All were sooo applicable and tought so much.
There was one ill effect of conference tho... every Tuesday night we have a devotional featuring a GA, or basically a 70 haha. But there was a huge rumor founded on supposidly credible sources that the Prophet was coming this tuesday, so our zone skipped dinner and waited for over an hour to get in first and get front row seats. So when the Emiritus member of the Seventy came haha it was somewhat dissapointing.:) But he gave a great talk none the less.
The district is doing great! Well Elder Van M may have cancer in his neck, but we can say that for sure when we go to the ENS next week. So keep him in your prayers. We'll hope for the best. Thanks again fam for all the letters, shout out to Tyler my main man, love ya bro! I'd love to hear from some more friends, but nonetheless my focus is on the work! I'm so grateful to be here, i have learned sooooo much and my life is already different because of being here. I read a great scripture in Alma 39:16 this week, oh how true it is! I testify that Jesus is the Christ, and that this is his gospel and his plan. Hope all is well with everyone! Take care, Gott segnen, Alles Gute, und Hoorah for Israel!!

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