Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 5

Well hallo!
26 more days left in the MTC, ugh i cant wait to go to Germany! I feel so unprepared but so ready... just another one of those unique missionary feelings i suppose.
Well first to get all the Babylonish that's been bottling up this week out... ya that's right, we dont talk about outside things here. Ahem :) First, and this has been killing me not to talk about, I AM THOROUGHLY CONVINCED GEORGE LUCAS SERVED AND LDS MISSION TO GERMANY. I dont have much time to dive in to my thesis but here's my three quick facts. 1- Yoda was inspired by Spencer W. Kimball, that's something almost accepted by everyone at this point. 2- Vater is father auf deutsch... Darth Vader... come on, blatantly obvious. 3- Cafeteria auf deutsch ist Kantine, pronounced Kantina... yep... that's the truth. :)
Just had to get that off my chest. 
Had some good food experiences this week. First off, Elder VM got like enough Candy to build a house out of. (Hanzel und Gretel sind deutsch) lame joke. Well anyways, he gave me some of his Wonka candy, now i dont know if any of you have had a Kazoozle before, but they taste 1 batrillion times better than they are fun to say. Wow. Haha i was in love. Now on the opposite end of the spectrum i would like to address vegimite, dont know how to spell it. :) But whoever thought up that must have been a criminal banished from England to some big island/continent. It's like someone mixed pastey yiest with a pound of Salt to make this black gew.  It's interesting, it make toast look AND tast burnt. And salty. And nasty. Anyway... bleh\
So my new slogan every time i wake up in the morning is, "what can i do to offend Satan today" and can i just say, it has been so fun to offend Satan this past week, it's just a wholesome fun activity.  It's been hard teaching exclusively in German, i feel like i have the Gift of the Interpretation of Tongues, just not the speaking part. It get's frustrating understanding 90-95% of what's said to you and then trying to think up a grammatically correct response. Haha speaking of grammar.. it's hard. It's funny tho, after i've been speaking German for a long time when i come back to English not only is my vocab and spelling cut in half, but i use german Grammar sometimes. the other day i was saying a prayer to open and interview and is said "please bless us that we open with each other be can" haha it's pretty funny. But it's been honestly amazing to see what you can do when you just open your mouth and talk, it's been an amazing experience. The words are just there when you're humble and lean on the lord. Now usually they arent conjugated correctly, or in the right order, but it comes. :) Speaking of teaching. Out of my 6 mock investigators we have 5 coming to church and 1 with a baptisimal date, it's been fun to work with them, even tho they're just characters. I'm confident we'll get one comitted to baptism here soon. Herr Menzel, our german investigator, i hope will start progressing more here, we had a powerful lesson last time. He's a member of the New Apostelic Church, so i got to teach him about Dispensations, or Evangeliumzeiten. Litterally translated Evangelium-gospel Zeit-time. Love German.:) I could go thru words like that all day. totally gonna be that guy when i get home who says "now in German the word _____ is" haha so happenin.
So Jordan Abel came in yesterday, good to see an old cooworker. He's adjusting. Kolby Emett is doing well too. And me and Jake Bradford are always around each other.
Oh by the way, last tuesday devotional, i was siting there and all the sudden we all stood up and BANG, in walked Elder Russell M. Nelson. WOW. I've never seen such dignity and power in someone as when observing him. He just got up there with just his scriptures, went off the spirit, and managed to i think answer every question any missionary had here. Inspired. He talked a lot about contacting principles which i was trying to improve and seek inspiration on. Soooooooo coool. I was just like beaming the whole time. :)
Temple today was awesome, had some amazing experiences.
Out district is doing well. Elder VM's CT scans came back, nothing showing, but he's still convinced he has something so we'll keep trying i guess? Another Elder in our district is going thru some mental problems rifht now and has been having a bunch of interviews, so we'll keep praying for and working for him. I dont know if i mentioned Elder Gygi who was rooming with me because he couldnt go to Germany yet based on some accusations back home, but he had to go home and work them out, so best of luck to him, hopefully he'll get back out here soon. Other than that though we're hangin in there. I feel like i might be at the end of my DL tenor, so i'm excited to be finishing up there right now. Just wanna keep studying so i can hit the ground running, i cant wait to serve the Gemans... love them already:)
Well i'm sure there's more but i cant think of it... writers block on your monthly email is the worst... this timer is just mocking me. Well i'm sure i'd be able to tell you more if you write,:)
Kudos to Ler for some good recruiting trips, so proud of ya, my district is already your number 1 fan, keep it up. Have fun at Sadies! ;)

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