Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week of February 18 from Berlin

Hallo schöne Grüße euch alle!

So another week is come and gone.  We had lots of time to work on our area this week, which made things go quicker and made things very enjoyable despite a few disappointments we had. The new companion is awesome and things are just going great.

The week started out with the normal fallout from the first week of the transfers.  Lots of little projects to do, lots of things to follow up on. Also had a couple incidents requiring some emergency transfers, which can be very time consuming in and of themelves, but overall everything went pretty smoothly. We met a couple times with our super golden investigator who totally came to church last week! Everything was just perfect, then came time for a perfect baptismal commitment to which she said, "Yes, I will 100% be baptised... the only question is either with you or the Jehovah´s Witnesses. I´m meeting with both of you." NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Bleh, every time we find something good, some sort of opposition always has to arise! That´s a really big problem in this country. Most everyone who is willing to meet with you has already been found and met with by JW´s. It´s super frustrating, because even though our church has been here twice as long, they have more than twice as many members here, and EVERYONE always thinks we´re JW´s. With their conviction from members to do missionary work, yea even unto tracting, and their mastery of the language and culture of those they teach, I suppose it shouldn't be the biggest surprise. Still makes me sad though. So we now have a battle for this person´s soul coming up, and we are out of town next week, so we´re fighting with one arm. We´re getting some members involved though and hope to build better contact from their side.

Aside from that, most all of our other investigators played a successful game called "Avoid the missionaries at all costs this week" and since we´re traveling all next week they´ve got a double bonus 2 week pause from us... argghhh. We found some awesome new ones this week though, so hopefully they´re still around when we get back from our trip. We met a lot with some key ward members this week as well and built up a good relationship with them, so that was good also.

Yesterday we had our first round of zone meetings for mission president interviews. It was 2 zones combined- the smaller Neubrandenburg zone and the large Berlin zone. We started at 9:00 am and poor President wasn´t done until 7:30 pm. Sooo many interviews, it just takes such a mental toll I would imagine. Luckily it was in Berlin, so we took off to go by on some people and do some doors and didn't need to stay the whole time. Next week we begin in Dresden, then Leipzig, then Hannover, then Hamburg and Oldenburg combined, and ending in Kiel with the Neumünster zone. We´re going to be talking about teaching ´commitment focused´ lessons and the importance of commitments. Should be fun.

Well today we´re headed to go bowling with President´s son and enjoy the quiet before the storm comes next week. We won't have a p-day next week, so we´ll make this one count.:) Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful week back home. Love ya bunches!

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