Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of February 25 from Berlin

Well the crazy week is finally come to an end and I´m finally back home again in Berlin. It´s been a pretty long week with very little sleep, but we survived and finally have a bit of time to shoot some quick emails off.
So to start off the week we had an awesome day Monday.  We had tons of stuff to do in the office, and tons of things to get ready before we hit the road, but we had lots of good appointments too. We had a way awesome family home evening with a super cool family, and the kids all interviewed us as missionaries, and it was just a good time. We also found a WAY cool new investigator.  He´s a super cool lawyer from Sri Lanke, so we´re super excited to get to meet with him in the near future. I´ve got a really good feeling about him. He´s from the New Apostolic Church, but is super open and ready to accept truth as he finds it. We stayed up pretty late making the final preparations to hit the road, and then the next day it was off to my favorite zone- DRESDEN! The interviews were pretty good there, They started at 9 am and we ended at just after 730 pm.  I don't know how president does it, but ya, had a great time in that city again and finally got to see snow there! Dresden is gorgeous as it is, but I think it´s even more amazing with snow. That night we left up to Leipzig to stay overnight for the next round of interviews. That was interesting, because 3 of the 4 missionareis living in the Leipzig apartment are from St. George-2 from Snow Canyon, and one from Dixie- so the 4 of us had a nice chat about the ST Geezy together. Leipzig took just as long, and we found time to sneak out of the meeting and head over to visit a guy who just got baptised by my companion, which provided a nice breath of fresh air. It was also my companion's birthday, so that made it even more fun. We left then from Leipzig to come back to Berlin and change out supplies for the next, longer leg of the journey.

The next day we made the drive over to Hannover and had a good meeting there as well. Got to see lots of mission friends, including my last companion here in the office who is currently serving there. It´s my favorite thing in the world to visit with old companions.  It´s just so fun!

Following those meetings, we spent the night in Hamburg for interviews there the following day. We woke up early in the morning and went to the stake center and played some serious bball there and had a good time. Those interviews went a long time as well, but finally they ended and it was time to make our way to the promised land- KIIIEELLLLL!

KIEL WAS THE BEST. I love that place so so so so much! It was kind of a bitter-sweet moment though, because that very well may be my last time in that city on my mission. We aren't scheduled to be back up there until after I´ve left the office. :( But it was still great to be up there. I just couldn't help but smile.

Then we made the 350+km drive back down to Berlin that night, and after almost running out of gas and having to hunt for a small little dorf to fill up, we got home pretty late. It was a fun week though. During interviews, districts have their district meetings and we get to sit in on them and observe them, which I love because I always get to learn so much. I sat in on 14 district meetings, and got to hear so many cool ideas and things.  It´s definitely one of the many blessings that come with the current assignment, haha I almost feel like I´m cheating or something. We taught about "commitment centered teaching" and how as a mission we need to 1- Live commitments ourselves before we give them so that we can teach with conviction and have the Spirit seal our testimony, 2-Focus on teaching with a commitment in mind the entire lesson, which can totally transform how we teach. 3-Following up with that same conviction you commited with. We watched a pretty intense missionary training session with Jeffrey Holland where he tells us to "be devistated" when people don't keep commitments. Overall it was well recieved I think.  We´re really focusing on bettering the quality of our teaching as a mission, because we work so hard, and filling our teaching pipeline with so many people, we just need to focus on plugging all the holes in that pipeline which leads to baptism.

Today was kinda a special day as well. We had stake conference. Despite being half-dead due to fatigue, my comp and I sang in our ward's choir for the conference. Our super golden investigator came as well and loved it, so we´re excited to see if that helps her at all. We were in our seats about ready to sing an opening song when I saw her come in and hurried up and ran down from the choir to greet her.:) The conference ended up being a satellite transmission from Salt Lake. A seventy, the first couselor in the primary presidency, Elder Nelson and President Eyring spoke to all German-speaking stakes. It was pretty cool, the seventy spoke and conducted the meeting in his thickly accented German he had learned on his mission here. The coolest though was when Elder Nelson stood up, and then asked for permission to wave to his grandson through the camera who is actually serving in our mission at the moment.  It was a pretty big shock for everyone in the room when he announced his grandson was serving in the Germany Berlin mission.

So ya, good week of travel followed by a great stake conference- can't complain at all. Really hope we can find some more investigators in these next couple days at home.  We´re leaving up to Hamburg this Thursday for a conference and then back down to Leipzig the next day. It´s going to be quite a drive, but we just keeping doing the best we can! Hope you all have a great week back home, love you all!

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