Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week of February 4 from Berlin


Another great week here in big beautiful Berlin! We had lots of good times this week, and did lots and lots of work as well. This week was probably filled with less office work than any other week I´ve had thus far, which means that we have many hours of pure finding to do. It´s kinda frustrating when all you do is finding and you end up having to probably just pass investigators off, but it´s just good to go about doing the work of the Lord. We saw some ridiculously cold temperatures this week, and had our first snowfall of the year. The other night while we were doing finding it was hovering at around -15° C, and it made for a long 3 straight hours of street contacting and going by on contacts.  It was good though. We did get to teach a couple cool lessons this week and have some cool little miracles.

So the other night we took president´s son to institute, which is about a half an hour drive straight through the city from our house. We had forgotten one of our planners and didn't have the address for an appointment we were running close to being late for. It was kinda a flaky appointment on the street, and the guy said he was moving back to India the next morning, so we wondered if it was even worth it running back to grab the planner and get there 45 minutes late. We felt though that it might be worth it, so we did it anyway. We showed up, and the guy had just walked in the door.  He said "Oh I´m happy you came.  I tried to text you to let you know I´d be late for our appointment.  I just walked in the door." We then had the opportunity to teach him a bit. He was super interested, but wanted an English book instead of the Hindi one we gave him, and of course, it turned out we had an extra one in the car. He said he would read the whole thing and research the internet sites we gave him.  He was super excited. Now I know that probably doesn't sound like much to you, but experiences like that make your week sometimes over here in Germany.  It really was just a tender mercy to us.

In another light, we were teaching one of our new super promising investigators and had one of the worst lessons of my life. I don't know what it was, but the Spirit just wasn't there and I think we just weren't prepared as well. That is one of the worst feelings as a missionary though, when you have a bad lesson where you don't feel satisfied. I think of the scripture in D&C that says "if ye have not the spirit, ye shall not teach." The "ye shall" is the old English command form, which brings thoughts to mind that that is really more of a commandment than a suggestion. All you can do though is repent and try and do better the next time. He´s pretty quiet, which makes it difficult, but he´s got potential, and I´m pretty sure we can get him on baptismal date this next lesson. He committed to come to church this week too, so we´ll see how it goes.

Wednesday I got to head into the heart of Berlin, tiergarten, for an awesome exchange with one of my best friends in the mission field. He´s a long time Zone Leader and I´ve known him since my second transfer in Prenzlau. I had a BLAST getting to spend a full day doing missionary work again in an awesome, booming, thriving area. We had a great time getting caught up as well. It was super stressful because I totally know his future for transfers, and he and his companion devised very elaborate and thorough strategies to get me to spill the beans, but I stayed true and didn't say a word.:) Transfer week is one of the longest weeks because for some reason, everyone you talk to asks you what's going to happen to them, and they can be pretty cunning in how they go about doing it. Transfer calls are taking place here in a few minutes though, and everything will finally be over with.

Well can´t think of much else new other than that to report. Our new convert had a birthday this week, and we gave her a booklet we made from pictures of the baptism and notes the ward members wrote to her to congratulate her. She said it was the best birthday she´d ever had and was super happy.

Well it will be exciting to have a nice relaxing P-day today. We´re going to the Olympic stadium here in Berlin. Tomorrow my new comp will be coming in on the train. He´s a super super awesome guy and I´m excited to work with him. He´s currently a Zone Leader in Kiel, so we´ll have lots to talk about when he gets here.:) Hope you all have a wonderful week back home!

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