Monday, May 21, 2012

Week of May 21 from Braunschweig

Another week in the books!  This one went a little bit quicker than normal it seems like. We had lots of traveling to do and lots of people to visit.  I´ll see how well I can recap it.

So Tuesday we headed all the way over to Leipzig so that my comp could visit a member dentist over there who does everything for free. I thought I was done with Saxony, but apparently there was still one more trip to be made. It brought back lots of memories getting off the train at that massive familiar train station.  It reminded me of the days way back in Dresden where we always had to switch trains there at Leipzig early in the morning one the way to meetings. Probably the highlight of the trip was getting to eat a world famous Leipzig vanilla donut for the last time. They´re SOOO good and you only find them in Leipzig. Overall though it just made for a long day on trains, and even though it gave us some time to catch up on some planning and stuff, it ate up way to much missionary time. But what else can ya do?

Wednesday we had district meeting and the ZL´s came down. It was nice to have some fellow elders in the meeting to have my back with all of the sisters haha. I talked about Charity and Service mostly in the meeting since president is trying to put more evidence on service projects. While studying I stumbled upon some old notes in my PMG and one really stuck out to me. "Service to yourself dies with you, service to others leaves a legacy" and under that I had written, "What kind of legacy are you leaving in Germany?" It was a good moment of reflection for me. I had also written down my three motivations for doing service. 1-Because I love God and want to serve him. 2-Because there´s a possibility I may develop more charity for those around me. and 3-Because of anticiptation that it may just result in a bit of joy. I was just more and more impressed the more and more I studied how important charity is. 1 Cor 13 taught me that in Peru and Moroni 7 in the MTC, and really the ways we can develop it are limited. We can 1-pray for it, and 2-serve people. So we´re going to look for more oppurtunities to do more service as a district.  We´ll see how that goes.

After the meeting I got to head back with an old friend to go on exchange in Hannover. We had a great time and talked through a lot of things together, as well as see tons of miracles in Hannover. We found a way golden family from Iraq and just had a great time together. Then I got to spend the night with him and my first companion in the office together (who lives in the same apartment with his golden) and it was just great to see them all again. It´s weird having such limited opportunities to go on exchange these days haha.

Throughout the rest of the week we had a few super cool lessons, and had lots of our investigators cook for us even! Chinese food made by actual chinese people is sooooo good! I love it. Next week our Indian investigators are offering to feed us some of their dishes, so we´ll see how that compares. It´s awesome to have so many investigators who are also becoming good friends, and who care about you as a person and who want repay even a small portion to us for our helping them. This, coupled with the sudden surge in member eating appointments, is not looking to good for my weight loss plan haha. It´s good though- people are opening their hearts to us as well as the message.

Sunday was a disappointment. We had 6 people all lined up to come church, and only one showed up. We need to find a way to get these students up and ready to go to church somehow... so that will be our focus this week. They need to come to church if they want to make it to baptism!

Well love you guys a bunch! Have a great week back at home and keep us in your prayers, love ya!

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