Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week of May 7 from Braunschweig

Hey hey hey ya´ll!

Well another week of miracles back out in the mission field. The Lord is blessing us like crazy right now, and I don't exaggerate at all when I say I´ve never seen anything like this before at the mission. It´s just like it says in Corinthians- we plant, we water, but God gives the increase.  All success and glory comes from him! We taught a record 35 lessons this week and lead the mission in teaching. Doors were just opening left and right. We have 28 names we´re working with right now who are inviting us back to teach them again as well as now 8 people with baptismal dates.  The work just keeps going forward. We´re finding most of our success as we stick to college dorms and work with younger people and immigrants.  They are really receptive to the message, and all we need to do is bring the Spirit and teach with power and bam- the new investigators keep coming. Our big focus is to get the members coming out with us to teach now and to get all these people to church. The church has kind of a weird location, so it´s a struggle to get a bunch of college students up early and coming, but we´ll get 'em there!

One of the coolest baptismal dates I´ve ever seen set happened this week though.  Well, actually two. The first was a way cool guy from Iran.  It´s illegal for him to become Christian, but he´s wanted to all his life. He eats up everything we teach him and when we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism we felt like asking him to be baptised, and I think I got to the words, "Would you be..." before he just yelled "YES!!!" haha. He has a visa that keeps him safe from having to go back though, so he´s a valid candidate now. The other was a way cool Chinese guy, total boss, he said yes before we even extended the date and then when I said, "Okay, we´ll work hard and when you´re ready..." which he then interrupted by saying, "I´ll be ready!" It was soooo coool!

All the success hasn't come without great opposition though. We´ve had some hostile encounters with some free Christians, Muslims, and a couple JW´s this week. It was pretty intense. We walked in to the dorms to see one of our investigators almost in tears with a BOM in one hand and New World Translation in the other asking a German man, "Which one is right?" The German answered back in Chinese and then turned and saw us, and, well, it wasn't a good experience. Then while doing doors a huge black guy from Cameroon let us in and within 10 minutes was demanding us to burn our BOM´s and not blaspheme against God while yelling and pounding his Bible. Normally I´m pretty calm in those situations, but for some reason I felt I should stand up and I said very seriously, "By asking me to burn this book you are asking me to blaspheme against that which God has already made known to me through the Holy Spirit.  Think twice before you say another word" He backed down and as we left he said, "I know you´ll never come back and face me.  You don't have the courage." haha It was epic.  We´ll see though. Bleh, I have about as many of these stories from the week as the good ones haha, so I won't ramble on.  It´s been intense though, seriously a battle for the souls of the penitent.

Things continue to be hard, but I´m working on being more optimstic about everything, and at the end of the day, even though I´m dead, I love to get down on my knees and thank God for everything. It´s frustrating how quick we are to forget the miracles we see every day and His goodness, and how easy it is to let yourself get discouraged, but perfect love caseth out fear so I know if we keep working and develop love, everything will work out! Love all of you so much! Have a great week!

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