Monday, May 28, 2012

Week of May 28 from Braunschweig

Hey everyone!

Wow, had a lot happen this week!  The days just seem to fly by faster and faster the further into the transfer we get. This is the last week of this transfer.  It´s hard to fathom that I´ve been out of the office for that long already! Let´s see, where to begin...

I suppose the highlight of the week was our zone conference on Wednesday. It was fun to be back in a zone conference again! Probably the coolest part however, was that I had 3 ex comps there, 2 of which I served with in the office and one of which I served with in Dresden who is now an AP. Anyways, it was way fun to see them all again. This next week a LOT of my mission friends are going home, so it´s been kinda hard lately to say goodbye. I´m going to miss this group going home a LOT, but we´re going to hang out in Provo, so at least I know it truly is aufwiedersehen. (til we see each other again). So ya, that was really inspiring, and it was the first Zoco in over a year where I didn't have any assignments to fill, so that made it double relaxing. :) President taught us about the Love of God and gave a brilliant Thema. The rest of the workshops were pretty run-of-the mill. We have a big generation of new missionaries, so a lot of the workshops are based on pretty basic skills... it´s still cool how the Spirit always can teach you something new if you listen.

Well as far as the work goes, we´re just wrapping up oure great "sifting" process. We´re going through all of the people we meet with and finding the gold to concentrate our time on. Sadly, this was the first week of the transfer where we didn't make out a new baptismal date, and we dropped our list down to 5, but the 5 we had are all doing wonderfully! All are coming to church, and most all have caretakers at church, so we´re super excited for them. I see all of them becoming great members that will actually be able to build the ward and bring something new too it. We probably did less finding this week though than ever before- we just had hardly any time. One day, we were on the go seriously every minute, and 2 people approached us and made out appointments. I talked to one guy at a bus stop and then our bus came we needed, so I just had to give him a card and say, "just call" haha and he totally did and we totally met in the church and he´s way interested. Our miracle walk in man from 2 weeks ago came to church again as well, and we had a good lesson during the 2nd hour, and we hooked a golden Chinese investigator up with our new Chinese member, so things were starting to click. I can honestly say the only problem we´re facing right now is the risk of gaining too much weight with the crazy number of eating appointments members are giving us haha.  I´ve never had so many eating appointments in my mission!  It´s good though. Probably our coolest "friend of the church" finally came back from a vacation in Switzerland, so it will be great to see her again too. She´s always a ray of sunshine to meet with. All I can say the more and more I reflect on the work here in this city, is that God is just good, and even though it´s still not easy, and even though sometimes you start to feel like you´re running out of steam, he always compensates!

I´m anxious to see what transfers bring with them next week.  We have the call coming on Saturday. My comp is almost definitely going and we´ll probably lose one of the 4 sisters and gain a new district member... it´s going to be really weird having to call in to the transfer call and not know anything, haha I forgot how exciting they can be.:) Well I hope that you all have a good week this week, and hope to hear from you all soon!

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