Monday, July 2, 2012

Week of July 2 from Braunschweig

Hey everyone! Another week come and gone just like that. We had a good battle in the missionary work this week and lots of little victories every day. Summer vacation is beginning with the Germans and so lots of people are leaving and it kinda leaves us alone in the city sometimes, but we´re really focusing on finding new people so hopefully our efforts pay off!

Tuesday almost all of our appointments fell out so it left us with almost a pure day of finding. We doored out a lot of student housing, but at the end of the day all we really had to show for it was a new app and a walk in, which is still better than nothing, but in that many hours of finding you´re obviously hoping for a bit more. We pushed through though and it felt good to come home beat after a long day.

Wednesday we had District meeting which was fun like always.  We have a really fun district so I enjoy being around them more and more as time progresses. I´m starting to figure out how they tick haha. I talked about how this transfer we need to "get wet" referring to the priests who carried the ark of the covenant getting their feet wet in the water before the Lord parted it through the new prophet Joshua. It´s kind of hard to explain how we tied it all in, but the main point was we need to do all the little things with faith if we want to see baptisms and allow our faith to be tried. I´m sure it wasn't easy for them to carry the most sacred object they knew and wade into a dirty river with it, but they did it and the promised blessing happened.  As missionaries it´s not easy sometimes to ask investigators to kneel when they pray, or give them a baptismal calendar with reading assignments, or ask them to start living commandments, but we have to do it to see miracles. Our goal is a bold 5 baptisms in the district this transfer, and we´ve got one from us last week and a couple more coming up next week.

The middle of the week was pretty normal. Lots of fallen out appointments, a few false addresses, and meeting with lots of the investigators we already have and working more on them with their problems. We had a great JW appointment this week- it almost turned out being really good- but in the end we all decided it probably wouldn't bring a whole lot to keep meeting. So ya, as said lots of little ups and downs, but that´s just the way it is.

Saturday was awesome. We traveled over to Celle to help the sisters there do a street display for 3 hours in the middle of the city. Street displays can be really good sometimes, and other time super super draining. We were in city center with crowds of people everywhere, and probably 85% of them don't even acknowledge you when you speak to them, but we kept going and found some cool people. I found this super cool family from the Middle East who were refugees because they refused to deny Christ, and they ate everything we had to say up and came to church on Sunday and are looking really cool, so just that makes it all worth it. Following that though I had the privilege of doing 2 baptismal interviews with some awesome people in the area and everything went well and next week there will be a couple baptisms there in Celle. And in 2 weeks we have one, so that makes 3 weeks of consecutive baptisms in the district! Woot woot!

Sunday our new convert gave his first testimony in Sacrament meeting and it was beautiful, sooooo rewarding as a missionary! And we taught the priesthood lesson on how we can improve home teaching when we plan our lessons like missionaries plan for investigators. It was a tough crowd haha, but we survived. And overall it was just a good Sunday!

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