Monday, November 29, 2010

From Kiel- November 29

    Pretty amazing week in Kiel... pretty cold too haha. I´ve always loved the cold weather, but i dont think i ever factored humidity in to the equation and being on the coasts of the Baltic Sea. Out on the outskirt of town where we´ve done most of our work it was getting to be around -12 degrees. Celsius that is, i dont know exactly how to equate that quite yet. That´s pretty cold to street contact in 6 hours a day! But it´s been good, i cant complain. Tons of snow has been fun. The people here get so mad when it snows, it´s so funny. It makes driving a bit more interesting too. Ya and im speaking from personal experience! First week here and i accomplished one of my mission goals, i totally drove on the Autobahn!!! It was so sick. Driving was way scary at first but i got it down. it was so much fun! We drive Opals here, they´re actually pretty nice little cars. Most all of them are red, it´s pretty cool.  The german countryside was just hills and forests covered in snow, i definitely need to get some pictures. I´ve been terrrible with pictures.
     The work has been rolling forward here tho! We have 4 investigators already! We are actually posting some pretty good numbers, i think we tought 14 lessons last week or something? We´ve being seeing the fruits of street contacting all day long that first week. Are goal is to pick up 7 more investigators this week, that would be intense and amazing. We have like 30 something contacts we´ve been working through, but we had a lot of appointments fall out this week. I guess that´s normal, in fact we´ve been doing better than normal i guess. Ha i dont know im just a Golden! But that´s a good kind of ignorance.:) So our first investigator is named UB, she´s a russian lady, like 53 or something we found doing Area book work with the ghetto half of the area book the zone leaders gave us. We teach her tonight actually. She´s an ex jw and man they really messed her up, She´s got a lot of stuff to work through, and she´s a tought project, but she LOVES meeting with us and we can do work with her. Next is Frau S. She´s an Elderly lady who had brain clots and actually had to learn everything she´s ever learned over again. She openly acknowledges God in her life, and she was fascinated by our message,  we meet her again tomorrow and it should be a solid lesson. Then we have the miracle investigator, this is one of the dearest stories to me. Typing wont do it justice and i have to condensce it, but i´ll try. One of our first days here we made an appointment with a young man named Antoine to meet at the church. We didnt know where the church was at the time and we didnt know it was a bit of a journey to get there. Basically it didnt look promising at all. But we have to keep all our appointments, even though it seemed like a waste of time to go all the way out there during prime Tur zu Tur time. But anyways we had faith we´d see a miracle and we left anyways. On the bus trip out there a girl sat across the aisle from me. Elder B and I where speaking a little English with eachother and i felt like she was watching us and trying to listen in a bit. I felt like i should talk to her. We finished our conversation and then we came to the stop. I turned to look at her and she was already right next to me. She looked at my tag and said "i know your church" in perfect english. We started talking and she said she walked by our church to her house almost every day. She´s a student here living with her aunt and uncle.  We saide we were actually going to the church right now and Elder B asked if she´s like to come inside and have a look. She was a bit scared at first, she said she´s heard lots of weird things about Mormons, but she came in and we had a great tour and visit. We asked if she´s like to come to church tomorrow and she said why not. We were going to go get döners because we had a great day contacting, but we decided to fast and pray that night that she´d come to church. The next day came and sure enought she walked in the door 5 minutes early! It was amazing. (Sundays are game days here in the field. We had 3 people supposidly coming and your nerves are just shot waiting.) She really enjoyed sacrament meeting and she said she´d like to go to Sunday school. Ha which was funny because when we saw the topic for the new investigato class we saw Keuschheit... or chastity. But she ended up liking it fine. She had to go somewhere so she couldnt stay for the last meeting but she´s excited to start coming to institute and we´re going to start meeting with her! She´s so solid! We´re hoping for great things with her. It´s funny how to Lord works sometimes... antoine of course never showed up, but if we hadn´t made that appt and been on that bus (another story and miracle) sitting in those seats, we would never have found her. It was such an amazing experience. Ah i cant even describe it! So cool. But yes that´s are money 3rd investigator. And we picked up Herr B last night, he´s an older man who really has a tough life, we had an awesome first lesson and we´re excited to see where he goes! It´s so cool bringing the gospel into these people´s lives, in a different language, i cant even describe the feeling! So pray for them, they are all going to be amazing. And the 7 solid appointments these next few days should bring more miracles hopefully! It´s funny though, most all of our appointments are with girls, and the majority of those are with younger ones. We already starting to be the joke of the zone. Elder B´s so funny with that. He´s always saying how he´s always had that problem and that i´m going to inherit it from the family genes.But this is the age the Brethren want us to work on here, the young single adults. We´re super excited though, we live right next to the University so we´re going to really be trying to do work with the youth.  It´s exciting, we´ve had lot´s of awesome discussions witht he students here. Oh and we´re tight with The Döner Man.  Haha we contacted him the other day on the street and it turns out he owns the Döner shop like right under our Wohnung. If you dont know what döners are, they are just the most amaying sandwiches ever! So ya we´re getting a lot of Books of Mormon placed down there in his shop and hopelfully we´ll start getting some sweet deals on döners!
Well anyways, it´s just been a solid week here. So pretty, so busy, so many eating appointments. (the ward is money here) but ya,anywhos, we´re going to go to the Christmas market now, look at some stuff. But hope everyone back home has a great week. Love to here from anyone back home! Take care!
   -Elder Ott

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