Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 7

Hola! Guten Tag
That's MTC German.
Well another week has passed. 12 days till Germany, wow. Should be getting our flight plans today, so can't wait for that. Last week i was über excited to get out of here, and now im super nervous to leave. Well we'll see how it all goes this week i guess.
So first off, i dont know if you all will believe this, but Elder Ballard came and spoke to us this last week. :) It has been 14 years since back to back apostles came, and i dont think they've ever had an apostle 3 times in a row! It's UNHEARD of! Super crazy awesome. Haha, it's actually kinda sad, we're already getting spoiled. We figured someone big was coming and when Elder Ballard walked thru the door we were like "Aw man... couldnt they at least send a 1st presidency member down here, do they even care?" Haha not really, but you could definitely feel that we were getting "used" to it. He tought how to become a "master communicator" it was pretty awesome. All the teachers here at the MTC are fuming with jealousy.:) It's so crazy, 6/24's of ALL the apostles have spoken to us!
So i have another wonderful teaching appointment story about my companion. So we were teaching a progressive investigator in the T.E the other day (in English) and were preparing her for baptism. We've tought her for like 6 weeks. So anyway, we were talking about obedience and somehow we got to where she staged the question "so why can't Elder's swim?" I figured this would be an easy answer because we had just talked about the blessings that come from being obedient even when we may not fully understand why. So right before i was about to answer haha my companion jumps in and says, in all seriousness "well you see we believe Satan controls the water... Elder Ott tell them about your ancestor who died in the water on his mission...(refering to Alma Ott who died on his mission after catching pneumonia from falling of a boat ramp)" haha i had no idea what to say. I'd heard that theory before, i never thought much of it. Well we got the lesson back on course somehow, and now my invesitgator knows my my ancestors story. I'll never forget the look on her face tho, "Satan controls the water." haha. Good stuff
So i dont know who all may ever read this, but if anyone has Julia Chipman's or Ashley Wade's address i could use it, one of Dixie State's soccer players is here going to my mission. Her name is like Tawnya Smith i think? She's really awesome. So i'm curious to know if either of them know her, she didnt play this last year of course, so she doesnt know them, but she wants to tell the soccer team hi. :)
So another fun experience i had yesterday, I got to be a HOST ELDER! It was pretty stinkin fun. It brought back memories of my first day. Just a total dear in the headlights glazed over look, haha love it.  My first Elder was from St. George believe it or not! He graduated from Dixie High in '09. He knew Kaitlyn Davies and Catherine Dodart and all those people. Really awesome guy, going to Mexico, named Elder Crowell or something? Croweth? Cant remember.:)  My second Elder, Elder Redford is going to Charleston South Carolina where dad went. He was really nervous, but they'll both be great. They are both in my residence hall so i took em some jerky last night and they're doing well. Funny story tho, i picked up a sister and when she got out of the car i thought she was a mom dropping off a missionary, ha so i was like looking through the car for him and stuff, but nope, she was the missionary.:) Very embarrassing, she's 26 tho, crazy! Good for her! We always need more sisters. And i may have wormed my way in to doing it next week, so Butch, i'm looking for ya. ;)
So heard from Elder Spilker yesterday, he's doing very well. Went contacting the other day and got 8 referals and placed a book of Mormon! He was way excited, that's pretty cool. He's so money.  Elder Emett's Visa didnt go through yet so i get another week seeing him around here. Oh and i've seen Elder Kaden Leavitt a lot around to. He got here a week ago, he leaves the same day i do. He looks great! His first day he didnt seem to be doing too hot, but then again neither was i haha, so i talked to him and he seems to really be doing well. He just looks and feels like an awesome Elder. Heard from Elder Georgia too last week, he's doing well down in Guatemala, it was fun to hear from him. So many good people doing so many good things.
Well other than that, not much else happenin. MTC Volleyball ist am Besten! We got to go off campus to walk to a pharmacy the other day and that was cool. Got to see a child for the first time in who knows how long, his mom came and introduced him to "the missionary" haha it's so weird going out into "the world" from here in the MTC. But it makes you so excited to get out and going.
Well hope everything keeps going well for everyone. Love you all!
-Elder Ott
p.s. Write if ya wanna :)
pps thanks d rock :)

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