Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 9 from Germany!

Wow, so i'm finally here in Germany. Ha. It's like the coolest place on earth.  The mission office on Zerbster Strasse is soo cool. The whole street is just total legit Germany. Ugh it's just so awesome.:) The mission home from where i'm writing this email is pretty awesome too.  I'm so tired tho, i probably got about only 45 mins of sleep total combined between both flights, so i'm really feeling the jet lag.  I just woke up from a nap to go into my interview with President Pimentel, he's the coolest man ever! It was so cool seeing his brother in NYC, but ya he's awesome.
So after i got off the phone in NYC i turned around and saw my companion arguing with a Baptist family. They were talking about baptisms for the dead and were pulling out all sorts of scriptures and deep doctrine stuff. I could feel contention. So i walked over and said hello to them, they quickly told me i was naiive and waisting my time out here. I just bore my testimony and told them i knew these things and no one could take that away from me. She paused for a moment, told me i was well "trained" and told me we'd just have to agree to disagree. It was pretty sad seeing a heartfelt testimony written off, but you know all you can do is be nice, remember God loves every one equally.:)
So i placed another Book of Mormon on my flight, only this time in German. I placed one on my first flight to an Englishmen named Paul. But this German one was special, we talked mostly in German about religion for 3 straight hours non stop. She was a gorgeous 26 year old woman named Caroline. She was really a special spirit and was very interested in the message. She doesnt really believe in God but said she would like too, we talked over a lot. Basically i went thru the first 2 lessons in German. Then i gave her a Das Buch Mormon and she said she'd read it and then i gave her a passalong card with my address so she could write when she had questions. She's going to get baptized in this life, i just feel it. :)
Well thus we see Heavenly Father answeres prayers, i prayed to these oppurtunities long before i left the MTC and prepared for them. It was SO cool. Nerve racking and scary, but soooo cool!
Well nothing much else to say, i'm here, i'm lovin it, and i'm feeling great! Can't wait to get my assignment tomorrow and find out where i'm going! So many possibilities! So exciting.
So P-days are monday i guess, so i'll let you know then?
Love ya all, thanks for the letters and prayers. Take care!  Machts gut!
-Elder Ott

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