Monday, November 22, 2010

Kiel- Part 2

So my address here is:
Schweffel Strasse 22
24118 Kiel
You can post that for letters and stuff. And it looks like ill have time to read emails more, but its still a bit more expensive so keep writing, we´ll see hos it all works out. Any packages tho by the way have to be sent to the Mission Office in Berlin, that´s the Zerbster Strasse address.
I´m really doing super good tho. This is the coolest city ever and is just such an adventure! Couldnt be happier. Ya it´s frustrating as heck sometimes, but hey, i´m on a mission!
Oh man the food is good here. They never drink water tho, theres no such things as drinking fountains and public restrooms are super rare and cost money so those things have been the biggest change really. But for the most part things are pretty similar to america, only cooler cuz they´re german haha. Had mzy first dönner the other day. SOOO amazing. Dad would LOVE them. The just spin meat on a spick and shave of the seasoned crispy outside into pita bread with all sorts of good sauce. Oh i´ll send pics. Every missionary has to have pics of their first dönner. Ha man it´s so good. The cheese and bread here is to die for too! Which by the way, ive decided if you, mom and dad, want to pick me up im totally game with that now. All i think of sometimes is how much i want my family to experience these things, europe really is cool. Berlin was pretty epic. The churches here are pretty cool too. And it´s sooo diverse. We got into an argument with a muslim the other day, ha and by we i mean i started talking to him and Elder B finished the conversation after i started an argument haha. It was like a good 10 mins long. But ya, lots of blacks, black german is so so cool, and we´ve talked to a Budhist, baptist, and some other religions other than protestant and cotholics which are big here. The Jehova´s witnesses do a lot of work over here too as it turns out. Elder B is like a pro basher tho, so money. He admits it´s fruitless, and i dont plan on ever doing it, but he has a great knowledge of the scriptures that i hope to learn from. Im already sad he´s going home in 2 transfers, i just want to stay my whole mission with him. But ya, i´m his last comp. He seems to like me too which is really cool.
So the big mission thing right now is having a ´white christmas´ or in other words, having a baptism before christmas.  Obviously we´ve been put in a less than desirable position to do that, but we have the faith, really help us with prayers tho. It´s seemingly impossible, but we know we can and will get it done. I really hope things work out with this Polish girl personally. So ya anyways, prayers would help.
So hopefully i´ll be able to get you some pictures here soon, i have no idea how im going to do that, but we´ll see i guess, i´ll try. I dont have a whole lot, but i´ll try to get some done.
Oh ya, the trains here are so cool, we took a bullet one up here to Kiel, it was the coolest thing ever. Apparentlz it´s rare that we get to take one, but the AP´s got permission to splerge on us because we were leaving the Mission home late and it´s a bit longer of a way to kiel.
Oh kiel actually has the best american football and the best handball team in all of europe. I thought that was pretty cool.
Ha so one of the teachers i knew really well in the MTC was one of the last people to live in our wohnung (appartment) before the area closed. It´s been about 4 and half months since someone´s lived there. It´s weird doing area book work on investigators she was the last person to teach. Ha, ya we just got an area book two days ago, it´s like way old. The ZL´s inherited all the investigators from before, so we starting fresh. Oh and Elder B knew Brother W really well, in fact Brother W said to watch out for Elder B before we left the MTC, haha cool or what?
President Pimental is totally awesome. Completely loving and kind. And the ap´s likewise. HA they have the worst job in the world tho i´ve decided.
Well anyway, i gotta run here, Elder Schär invited us over to have some swiss cheese fondeau? dont know how to spell it. And the DL is just getting here from Neumünster to visit, so should be a nice day.
Love you all, hope all is well, have an awesome week and i´ll do the same ja?
Proverbs 25:25 ja?
Love you so much, take care!
Bis nächste monntag, machts gut! Tchüss!
-Elder Ott

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