Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week of October 10 from Dresden

Guets Mörgeli!

That´s swiss-german for guten morgen... swiss german is pretty much the coolest dialect i´ve ever heard.

So anyways, hi. Hope you are all doing well! First p-day of the new transfer. It feels so nice to have some peace and relaxation and to be back on schedule. I´ve decided that there´s a reason that the missionaries have the schedule which they have, and it makes them the most effective that they can be.

So the new comp is amazing, way smart and way awesome and i think we get along pretty well. Our district leader is also swiss, so i enjoy listening to them speak swiss german with each other.  I understand it sometimes, but other times it´s just so weird i have no idea. That´s one of the coolest things about german though, there are just so many different dialects, and some of them are way way cool. But ya, the next couple weeks have a big task ahead of them though. We basically have a MASSIVE list of people we found last transfer, with absolutely no structure or order or appointments made out, so somehow we have to pick up all the pieces and organize them. I loved my lost companion to death, and it´s hard to keep things going after he left. We´re super excited though to see what we can do!

So this week we had a ZL council in Hannover. That´s a really cool city. I just love taking those bullet trains through germany... but waking up at 3:30am isnt necessarily my cup of tea. Got to stay in Leipzig for about an hour though on the trip, and that´s a really cool city as well. It´s so much fun just to travel across germany and see all the different cities! We had a great meeting as well and learned a lot from each other.  We have a lot of great ideas to bring back to the zone this transfer. There´s so much to do in these big zones it seems like, 32 missionaries, 4 different districts, all pretty spread apart, sometimes it just doesnt seem like you have any time for yourself, but if i´ve learned anything over the past year it´s that the time you sacrifice to serve others always seems to get paid back to you in some way.

Not too many stories to tell from the past week.  It was a pretty normal week of missionary work. Hours of talking to everyone, calling tons of people you dont know trying to get to meet with them again, and teaching a handful of people... basically just expanding your comfort zone as normal. Usually in meetings when someone asks you what kind of sacrifices you bring to your mission, i think your comfort zone is always a good answer and it´s very true as well. I dont always know sometimes how it helps to stop a big group of cute college girls who you know will laugh at your accent and probably walk away (you almost never find appointments when people are in groups) i just know that Preach my Gospel says talk to everyone, so i just do it. I´m pretty sure my comfort zone has expanded greatly from doing so as well.

Hmm... well i guess in closing i could share a really cool quote from Elder Ballard that i really like. He said simply "count sacrifice a bargain" Ya it´s hard sometimes all the things that you sacrifice to do the Lord´s will, but when you think of the blessings you get in return, even without factoring in the eternities to come, i´m pretty sure the the sacrifice is quite a bargain.

Love you all so much! Share the gospel through your countenance with everyone you see this week! Have an awesome week!

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