Monday, October 31, 2011

Week of October 31 from Dresden

Liebe Familie!

Hey fam and friends, another week come and gone in the mission field. We got to do a lot of work in Dresden this week, so that makes me super happy, and it was obvious by the success that we saw. Put 2 more new people on baptismal date this week and taught lots of cool lessons with new people. We found a really cool new family from Mongolia the other day that has a lot of potential, so we´re super excited to see where that leads.
Well I´m sitting here trying to think about something cool that happened this week aside from commiting 2 people to baptism... it was pretty run of the mill missionary work basically. We did have a really cool day in a little town outside of Dresden called Pirna however. We drove out there in the car, and called the Stake President´s family to see if they´d pray for us while we were out there. We made out 3 new appointments, one of which was with another really cool young family.  We´ll find out what comes of it next week i suppose. It´s always awesome though to use the faith of the members to see success in the field.  It´s really weird.  You know when members take your invitations seriously, and when they do, something cool always seems to happen. So don't hesitate to pray for the missionaries every once in a while. ;)
Oh ya, and i almost forgot, i did have another cool thing happen this week... TEMPLE TRIP!!! I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE! Wow, i thought that was last week, but it was this week... huh almost forgot. Totally met up with my missionary mom in Prenzlau there who was sealed to her deceased non-member husband! What an awesome experience! Awh, i just LOVE the peace you feel in the temple. It´s really just my favorite place on earth!
Well let´s see, that was the highlight of my week for sure, so now i suppose i should talk about the hardest part of my week... cheese. Ya, that´s right, cheese. I love cheese to death, but this swiss cheese stuff is ridiculous! I don't know how many of you have had Raclette cheese before, but that stuff is TOXIC. Our entire kitchen smells like gym socks.  Like bad bad bad gym socks. (sigh) It´s just not always easy having a swiss companion i guess. Haha, I´ve tried everything-incense sticks, cleaner, everything. EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE RICLETTE. It tastes great, but i could go another lifetime without ever having to see it again.
Well not much else. Happy Halloween i suppose? It´s not really celebrated here in Germany, but i hear it´s starting to catch on a little bit. Today is Reformation Day here, so we are going to go over to some members house after this and enjoy a nice relaxing p-day... awh I´m soooo excited for some quality relaxation!!! But ya, we´re definitely going to do some mean door to door tonight! And if we can't get an appointment, I´m going in for some candy!:) Have a happy halloween back home! So great to hear from all of you!

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