Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week of October 3 from Dresden

Hey family and friends!

So another week has come and gone in just a blur.  As normal, i have no idea what even happened this week when i sit down to write about it. I suppose i can start with the one thing i remember though, transfer calls yesterday!
So it´s a bit different being a Zone Leader because president usually calls you before to tell you what´s up, and because there´s only a handful of you, you can kinda pick who your next companion will be. But ya, so just like i predicted i got a way awesome missionary from Berlin coming to me in Dresden! He´s a really cool Swiss guy who was in my Golden Group when i got to Germany.  I always had the feeling our paths would cross somehow, and well, we´re in the position to be together for a long time now. It will be awesome to have a native german speaker for the first time, and best of all he´s swiss, and the people here LOVE swiss people.:) It was cool enough having an Italian when people asked if you were from America, since they think ALL mormons come from America, and now a swiss native german speaker... and swiss have the coolest accent as well.:) He´s a super obedient, super diligent guy too, so we should have a pretty crazy awesome time together. Also something cool about transfers- my MTC comp will be coming to the zone to serve with another MTC friend, and also an old companion from Prenzlau, so i´ll get to see them all  again.

Last P-day- yes we actually finally took a p-day this transfer- we got to go to a super cool place called the Säschische Schweiz. It´s like Germany´s version of the Grand Canynon. It was super super pretty and we could see the border of the Czech Republic standing on it. That means that in my three areas i have seen Dänemark, Polen, und auch the Czech Republic... how weird is that? Now i just have to go back over to the west and see Holland and it it will all be complete haha. We had lots of fun hiking and climbing though, and i totally felt like i was back in Zions again!

This week consisted of a lot of just talking to people. We find so many people here in Dresden, the problem is that they just don't seem to "stick." We´ve found 20 new investigators and have the contact information of over 40 people, which is insane for a 5 week transfer´s work. This next transfer i think will consist of a lot of sifting out for the people who are ready, and naturally of finding more new people. I hope it all goes well though. Another one of our baptismal dates fell back a bit this week and dropped contact with us for a bit.  I really hope he pulls out of everything okay.  We think his family might be pressuring him a bit. The other two are right on track.  The problem is that one of them just needs to get married! That´s the most frustrating problem, and Germany´s government doesn't seem to like to make marriage easy or encouragable. But oh well, we´ll see how everything goes.

Well other than that, there´s not much else. Had a lot of really really late nights this week staying out talking to people, so i´m pretty tired. Lots of crazy drunk people have been out this weekend because it was a holiday weekend, which always provides for some interesting stories. My companion made the mistake of giving cards to them, so we were getting phone calls all hours of the night from people who "wanted to just talk about the purpose of life" or people who were "standing on a bridge and were going to jump if we didn't talk them out of it" haha, it was entertaining at first, but got really tiring after a while.

This week should be a good one.  Lots to do and Friday i finally get to see the beautiful city of Hannover for a ZL conference.  Should be sick!

Have a wonderful week back home, love ya´ll so much!

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