Monday, October 24, 2011

Week of October 24 from Dresden

Moin moin again ya´ll!

Well this week was definitely one of the tougher ones in Dresden i´m not going to lie! We were on the road a lot again and were just having problems getting back in the groove of things. Tuesday we got to drive down to a BEAUTIFUL little town called Schwarzenberg where we had our winter tire rotation. It was great as well because we have 2 Elders down there who we needed to tausch with, so it all worked our well. I stayed in Schwarzenberg and my comp headed back up the road to Dresden. It was actually quite funny, one of the first questions i asked the young missionary i was with was "so where are ya from?" and he was like "St.George Utah" Haha i had no clue. He totally went to Dixie High School though and we know a lot of the same people. Had a good Tausch there though. Next day we headed to a district meeting in a town a little ways aways called Annaberg where we tausched back and i got to see my long lost MTC companion who i haven't seen since Kiel, so that was really awesome. Got back on the train up to Dresden and had about a 4 hour train ride home... bleh. I love trains, haha but it´s been ridiculous lately haha. Thursday we had a normal missionary day, then Friday we headed to Leipzig for Leadership Training... where i was united with my other MTC companion.:) So it was an awesome week in that regard. This week will be a little less traveling though i hope... we are going to the temple tomorrow, and to Chemnitz the next day for a Tausch, and luckily our ZL council Friday is via conference call.

So there´s a little record from the day to day stuff about last week, but that´s not really what made the week hard... So we met with our most promising investigator this week. When he walked in , you could just tell that something was wrong. He literally looked almost possessed. He basically accused our church of having secret combinations and that we were designed to hurt people, it was really hard to hear, but we came back with the Atonement of Christ and tried to get him to release that he needs to be converted to the Gospel of the Church (which he knows is true) and not the Society. Tears filled my companion´s eyes and mine as we saw a burdened soul sitting in front of us who wasn't willing to give his burdens to Christ. No matter how powerful of testimony we bore, he refused to be comforted and there is NOTHING as a missionary more painful than that. We agreed on another appointment however and a fast together on Saturday... Saturday during the fast he called and said he won´t be having anything to do with us anymore. It was pretty sad. Satan won a battle. And thus we see how little perversions of truths, refusing to pray in the name of Christ, or be baptised because "you´re not clean enough yet" or clinging to many other books as holy scripture, eventually leads a soul from the path of righteousness... it was devastating.

Aside from that, we just had trouble getting in contact with people, and finding new people this week. Something just isn't clicking yet, and this area needs to grow more than it has been. I have no idea what it is yet, but really want to find it. I´ve learned a lot in my life about the blessing of having righteous desires, and how the Lord sees fit to give tender mercies to those who truly, and purely desire to do His will. So as long as the desire is there, and the effort follows, i know it will improve somehow.

On a happier note... our ward mission leader got married this week. And my favorite old missionary from Kiel, the Swiss ZL, came up to visit us real quick, and brought a huge package from my comps parents from Switzerland... i love Switzerland.:) It makes it easier to cope with a tough week when you´re swimming in Swiss Chocolate and Cheese. Awe man, i love the two C´s.:) It´s weird when i look back on this week how many little tender mercies found their way to me.  It´s weeks like this that make the good weeks seem better in the future.:) I hope you all have a wonderful week back home... i wouldn't mind a few more prayers to help find new people here in Dresden who are prepared to recieve the gospel.;) Love you guys lots!

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