Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of October 17 from Dresden

Hallo ya´ll!
Well the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground here in the heart of Saxony. It´s weird doing missionary work with a coat on again.. I feel just like a golden again doing missionary work in the cold, except for now i can speak german AND i have a car.:) But ya, it´s been super pretty lately, easily my favorite time of the year! I can´t think of a prettier city to be in either for my favorite season, so i cant complain at all.
Well LOTS happened this week, for example, i was in Poland.:) And no i´m not a rogue missionary, i´ll tell you the story of how it happened. So i got to go on Tausch (exchange) with a companionship this week in the city of Görlitz. It was really cool because i got to serve again with none other than my first companion in Prenzlau! That was really weird tausching with someone who you´ve already served with before, especially because of how much things have changed in the time between. Complete change of roles as well, which was funny, but it was SUPER awesome to see each other again and talk about those old Prenzlau times.:) But ya, on our way up to tausch with them, we missed a spot to change trains and ended up taking a MASSIVE detour (no not into poland yet) and saw lots of really cool cities way up in the top of our zone haha. We got turned around though and made it to Görlitz a couple hours later than planned. So Görlitz is a unique city, half of it is in Germany, the other half is in Poland, and both sides at once had elders from each mission. Now the polish elders have been pulled out though, so they gave all their area book and stuff to us (which is pointless because it´s in polish) and we now have the freedom to work in both sides of the city. So yes, on our Tausch we went to poland together.:) The McDonalds is way way cheaper there too we found out. Kinda a weird situation, but not many people can say they´ve been in Poland. I got to use my rusty polish as well.:)

The next day we had district meeting in Görlitz and it was kinda a special one. President came to it, which is definitely special because he seldom travels to District Meetings, and we were there as well, and it was the poor DL´s like first real district meeting haha. It was a great meeting though and it´s ALWAYS awesome to see President and get to talk with him a bit more..

The next day, Thursday, we went all the way up to Berlin so my companion couple baptise someone there. It was great to see a baptism... it´s been WAY WAY WAY too long since i´ve seen one, but the trip up there took FOREVER because we had to travel with the cheap trains. We left at 11:45 and got there at 5pm, bleh. The worst part though, was on the way back our train connection got messed up and we got caught in a sister city 2 hours away from Dresden at 10:00 at night haha. Luckily there was and Elders city 20 minutes away so we called and had an emergency sleep over with them, which stunk because it was WAY cold and all they had were bath towels to sleep with haha, but it was memorable i suppose. Got back to Dresden at 9 in the morning and FINALLY had a day of work in Dresden. Friday was literally my first full day of work in Dresden in the entire week, crazy, i love to travel, but that was a lot haha. This week shouldn´t be much better either, have to go down to Schwarzenberg for a couple days to work some stuff out down there, and then Leipzig this weeked for Leadership training. Someday we´ll get a full week of work though in Dresden, i know it haha.

Last night we had an awesome experience. We went to the church to meet with a new investigator, she didnt show up, but there was a man standing outside the church. We talked to him and invited him in for a tour, he accepted and it quickly turned into an awesome first lesson. He wouldnt make out another appointment, but i´ve learned to take joy in those moments where you help bring someone closer to the truth than they have ever been before. It also shows me, that sometimes there´s deeper reasons for being in certain places than we may sense, i´ve seen that over and over again on my mission.

Hmm, well aside from that, we had a rough week this week overall with investigators though. New ones just arent sticking and old ones arent making progress. Our main one who´s on baptisimal date has officially been so offended by the ward he refuses to go back now... most of it is from him though i think. So that really stinks. MEMBERS! PLEASE DONT TAKE OFFENSE. I swear, that is Satan's number 1 tool for drawing people away from the church. It´s all either false assumptions or pride, no in between, and it KILLS the missionaries and their work. So ya, that´s super super super frustrating, but oh well, we´ll just keep working as much as we can.

Hope you all have a great week back home, love you all so much!

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